Vaclav Havel's film debut

In Prague, the premiere of the film "Leaving" ("Odchazeni"), which set Vaclav Havel, former president of the Czech Republic (1993-2003) and Czechoslovakia (1989-1992) and former anti-communist dissident.

The film was put on his play of the same name, published in 2007, after a 20-year break in the dramatic art Vaclav Havel.

"Care" tells the story of a former chancellor of an unnamed country that loses power and influence after, as leaving his post.

Havel told reporters that the film is autobiographical and tells the story of a particular person or a particular political care, and examines the overall situation of the incessant changes in life.

But journalists pay attention, that the situation in the film is very reminiscent of the care Havel as president in 2003 and coming to this position of his political opponent, Vaclav Klaus.

Script of the film is filled with characters and anecdotes from the Czech political life, as a bonding film with the recent political life of the country's highlights in the film Dagmar Gavlavay, Havel's wife and his brother.

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