Vanished «corpse» UFO-REPORTS

November 5, 1975 in one of the police stations of Arizona (USA) broke six burly men with bulging eyes, which, interrupting each other, began to shout about a flying saucer, deadly rays and the death of his friends … "She burned it to a beam!" — Oral almost sobbing husky. Police officers looked at each other: it smelled this "War of the Worlds" by HG Wells … So began one of the most controversial and the most famous cases in the alleged UFO abduction of Travis Walton.

Victim blue ray

November 5, 1975 a team of seven workers, which was contracted to trim trees in the National Park of Arizona, after a day in his truck went to rest on the base. Truck was not even half way, as workers saw above the trees with a huge golden dome of a UFO in the upper part and sparkling windows. Stopping the truck, struck the seen fantastic pictures workers, open-mouthed, watching the maneuvers of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. As is usually the case of a few people can always find the most smart and curious. In this case, a man was Travis Walton. Was not enough to just watch the UFO, he jumped out of the car, waving my arms, ran toward the UFO. His companions shouted in vain nouveau "contactee", to come back.

Travis ran out of their way to meet an extraterrestrial "brothers" and the worldwide fame … But the UFO apparently decided not to bother too much legwork earthling: unexpected "plate" emitted a blue beam that hit Walton and he fell to the ground under the trees. Among the team did not find the characters to become the next target of a flying saucer, loggers howled in terror and drummed on the roof of the cabin, leaving a dent in it, gritted his truck and jerked away, vihlyayas, raced down the road, leaving their fate Travis lying under the trees .

Vanished corpse

Dazed with fear ax workers rushed to his shack, pickup truck at such a rate that the risk of their lives as much as when they met with a swarm of UFOs. Still, they were lucky to get safely to the nearest police station, where they told their unusual history. Police with some irony listened confused story about flying saucers, blue ray, a fallen worker … "get drunk, tyuknuli her boyfriend, prikopat, and now we hang noodles on the ears .." — so succinctly described his version of the incident is one of the police officers.

In hot pursuit police decided to check out the place of the alleged offense. It was evening, and although the police have provided no laughing psychological impact on workers, three of them flatly refused to go back to the police at the scene. Particularly impressed with the police one fellow, who was struggling in hysterics as a small child … Later sheriff who led the search party, told reporters: "One man was weeping bitterly. If they actually lied, they were very good actors. "

When the police, leaving the protection of the three pale as death loggers, approached, and then clutching his revolver, to the trees, where he was to lie Walton, it was not there. There was no body, no signs of struggle, no piece of clothing — anything! Lighting lamps and lanterns terrain vehicles, angry guardians of the law climbed the surrounding bushes and finally bestial, back to death frightened woodcutters. The police no longer had any doubt that they are dealing with household murder.

Brigade "murderers" and the lie detector

Had set the name of the murderer and the proportion of fault of each of the workers. The latter flatly denied any involvement in the disappearance of Walton and as parrots go on about flying saucers and blue ray. As the days passed, despite the psychological pressure, the loggers would not give up that pretty angry cops. Guardians of the law have already learned that Walton often quarreled with one of the team members, his brother Duane. However, he categorically denied the charge. Intractable brigade "murderers" was sent to the Department of Public Safety in Arizona, where each of the loggers were tested on a lie detector. To the surprise of the police, five working quietly passed the test, and only one of the teams either lying, or just nervous, realizing the greatness of modern technology and the solemnity of the moment … exams suspects Kay Gilson commented on the results of the test: "I can say that they have taken the test ".

On board the UFO

The police were in clear difficulty, and he helped them Travis Walton, who has returned safe and sound, five days after his disappearance, and said that it had kidnapped a flying saucer. According to him, from the effects of the beam, he lost consciousness and was abducted by aliens. On board the UFO he saw humanoids in overalls are shorter than 1 m 50 cm, with large hairless heads and black eyes. They were fragile figurines and description Walton conform to popular portrait of the typical aliens. More surprisingly, Walton recalled the presence on board a UFO and humanoids very similar to the people, one of them even looked like a man. Travis was laid on the table, and put his face a kind of oxygen mask. It seems that over the poor woodcutter spent some medical experiments. Walton awoke next to a highway near Heber (Arizona), he still managed to see a UFO flying away. Walton clearly astonished to learn that he was away for five days, and saw in the mirror on his cheeks five-day stubble.

Memories Travis appeared before unusual that it, too, for the company was subjected to a lie detector test under the supervision of Dr. Jean Rozembaum, which said: "This young man was not lying, he really believes in what he says."

To believe or not to believe?

Somehow this case from the beginning aroused strong distrust of officials. Although the lie detector test is not passed only one working, there were the most different versions differently explaining this case. The most common of these was the version that the team behind schedule with the performance of their work and could lose interest if they failed to explain its delay. Proponents of this version point to the fact that the team well to earn on an adventure with a UFO, was awarded $ 5,000 from one of the magazines for the most valuable material, the UFO.

Those who believed that the case of UFOs actually took place, believed that woodcutters perfect to what was to invent such a cock-and-bull story just to explain the delay in pruning or felling trees. Supporters loggers depends, and the positive, mainly the results of tests on a lie detector.

It has been over thirty years since the incident with Travis Walton and during that time, no one from the team did not give his testimony and confessed to the draw, although such recognition would entail for now not only known but also significant financial benefits. It should be recognized that the ordinary American loggers, probably telling the truth, they were not going to earn extra money on the bike about UFOs and if these guys happen to get in an accident five thousand dollars, it was too small price to pay for the fear that they had experienced those memorable evening of 5 November 1975.

Andrei Sidorenko

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