Vitebsk detained activist Sergei Kovalenko

He went out to the so-called "blue house" — the house number 28 on Lenin Street — with three large white-red-white flags. After 20 minutes he was detained by the Railway police department.

Opposition leader Boris Khamaida, who witnessed the incident, said:

Boris Khamaida

"The flags were huge, about two to three meters. Kovalenko shouted slogans like" Glory of the nation! "And" Death lackeys! . " There were a lot of people, and soon approached a police car and took him to the police station. "

Sergei Kovalenko repeatedly organized in Vitebsk stock with a white-red-white flags, and its not just punished for it. Very "hands-free" action Sergei Kovalenko was hanging a white-red-white flag on a Christmas tree at Victory Square in Vitebsk January 7 2010.

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