Voices of Outland


Today, in the XXI century, no one, perhaps, can not surprise the limitless possibilities of computer technology, which is able to create out of nothing almost new universes model any, even the most fantastic images or voices. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that today in the phenomenon of electronic votes (FEP some are extremely skeptical, but others do Transcommunication lifework.


We can not, however, forget that the first discoveries in the field of electronic voice phenomenon were made at the beginning of the emergence of communication when creating and voices no one ever could have imagined. One of the first and most famous people that have established communication with the other world, was Thomas Edison. Experimenting with recording device — a prototype recorder, he caught the voice of his dead mother.

This event was struck by the inventor so that he set out to create such a sensitive technical instrument to use it as a phone, you could chat with your family and friends, who had gone over the edge of the material world.

Unfortunately, he did not have time to bring their ideas to life, but the story has kept his intentions in the following words: "If our personality survives death, then a strictly logical and scientific to assume that it retains memory, intellect, other skills and knowledge acquired in the this Earth.

Therefore, if a person continues to exist after what we call death, it is reasonable to assume that left the Earth will have a desire to make contact with those whom they have left. I am inclined to believe that that person, which we will in the future be able to affect matter.

If we can develop a tool is so sensitive that it could affect a person survived after death, that such a tool, being available for must-write something. "

Stay in touch!

After a few decades after the death of Edison's life by Swedish artist and film producer Friedrich Jurgenson was to change dramatically, to the ideas in the flesh in the life of the legendary inventor.

In the spring of 1959 Jurgenson recorded on tape voices of birds in the country house — it was one of his favorite activities. While listening to the recording, he heard a bird chirping in the background of the deaf and the distant voice of a man talking about the night singing birds.

Surprised is not a joke, Jurgenson found that in this day no one Swedish radio station does not transmit programs with similar content, which excluded the possibility of spontaneous recording radio.

He tried to forget about this strange case, but, apparently, contactees "on the side" did not want to lose touch with the person they have chosen to set the first in the modern history of instrumental ITC. After Jurgenson knew several languages, besides being a former opera singer, had a fine ear for music, a good memory and attentiveness.

Since the first communication otherworldly contactees did not leave him alone — voice began to cry out to him, breaking through the noise of the rain, the crackling logs in the fireplace, the buzzing sound of electric and water flows. Epistles had one meaning, "Please hear us. Stay in touch. "


Frightened in earnest for his mental health, Jurgenson decided that if these votes are not a hallucination, and real and objectively exist, they can be written to tape, and to demonstrate to others. Thus, Friedrich Jurgenson was the first and most famous transkommunikatorom in modern history.

For communication with the residents of the other world, he used the radio, tape recorder and voice recorder. Within a few decades of its seemingly fantastic, experimentation, he wrote kilometers films with messages of various kinds from their relatives and friends.

He was able to hear the voices of Charlie Chaplin, Hitler, Trotsky, Churchill and many, many others. The most striking, perhaps, is to write a monologue of Adolf Hitler Fuhrer her unusually quiet and relaxed voice, talking about his spiritual and mental anguish and remorse in all that he did in his life.

"We lived in the deepest confusion …" — he says. One of the women contactees said: "Hitler is no longer a beast. Death came true. " Besides interesting details afterlife German ruler, Jurgenson was able to learn about some of the details of everyday life on the other side.

It turns out to establish the connection with the world of the living departed use a special technical device, which they call "radar". It is also often referred to a "dead ship" that is home to all the dead and run … Trotsky.

Questions about heaven and hell, God and the devil dead answered unequivocally: they themselves have never seen a personal God, and heaven and hell — tales of human civilization. People who have lived a decent, honest life, and it continues after physical death.

Those who committed many evil deeds, after the death of staying in a certain similarity of deep sleep from which there is no possibility to go on their own, if only someone from the outside will not be able to wake up their minds. But it is fraught with death state, similar to the madness. Among other things, all of the animals after death and continue their life and everyone has a chance to meet "there" beloved pet.

Facts are stubborn things-

Of course, you can twist a finger to his temple, transkommunikatorov suspect in the madness, to find alternatives to the origin of the vote in the film … But there are a lot of facts, killing almost all the doubts and counter arguments.

First, many people are not sure of the authenticity of voices on the tapes Jurgenson had the opportunity to attend the recording sessions. And almost always in touch with witnesses exit sign-mye and their native people who report to nobody known details of their private lives.

Secondly, the films studied Jurgenson experts on radio, sound recordings, psychology and parapsychology, and contacts were conducted in their presence. All of them have excluded the ability to record airs, wireless communication, audio materialization of thoughts, imaginary voices for making noise and other possible causes and not getting the vote in the film.

At various times Jurgenson managed to enlist the support of authorities in the world of science, as a professor psychologist Konstantin Raudive, a physicist and Nobel laureate Brian Josephson and many others. Research and thinking of people like Thomas Edison, Helena Roerich, Boris Abramov, Bertrand Russell, anyway experiments confirm the objectivity of Friedrich Jurgenson.

Jurgenson himself repeatedly arranged press conference at which answered the questions in the presence of journalists lost their records and to establish real-time contact with their potusto-lateral friends.

Discoveries Jurgenson turned worldview of millions of people on Earth, and even the Vatican has condemned similar experiences — on the contrary, supported the first transkommunikatora and his research.


In 1971, the successor Jurgenson, a professor of the University of Uppsala, Konstantin Raudive spent a record EVP in an acoustic laboratory Pye Records, Ltd. The work of leading engineers Raudive watched a recording studio, which was installed a tape recorder, which is controlled by another recorder.

The studio was completely shielded from any radio or television. Recording was 18 minutes under strict control, the professor was even forbidden to touch the equipment, only to ask questions to his invisible companion. At the conclusion of the session the film lis-shayut and find about two hundred (!) Different voices, which at the time of writing no one has heard of!

Today, the work on the construction of the bridge between two disconnected forever, it seems, the worlds going on around the world. In our country, successfully operating the Russian Association of instrumental ITC, and all the evidence suggests that such a seemingly impossible connection of the world of the living and the dead will no longer be a fantasy.

It's in our hands, because, as you know, as long as the mind is not aware that there can also be other sphere of life, no rational evidence will not help.

Maria Milyaeva

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