Volga Delta fish may be left without

The spring fishing season this year confirmed that the catches in the lower Volga fall. According KaspNIIRHa, in March-April this year, commercial fishing was 12.1 thousand tons. Last year during the same period were taken 14.1 thousand tons. If we trace on fish species, it will look like.

Roach caught in the current year of one thousand tons. Most appeared pike. During the period of the spring fishing season it was in fishing nets about three thousand tons. This is more than in 2010. Semi catches fish for one month in May amounted to 21.4 thousand tons. In 2010, the figure was 23,800 tons.

According to specialists, this year's total catch will be less than last year. The reasons for the lack of such forecasts. First of all, it is unfavorable hydrological conditions. However, it is dysfunctional for the past several years, which has a direct impact on the future catches. In particular this will affect the catch in 2011.

As is well known, to fry hatched from eggs became viable, it should be in position within 60-7 — days. This year, the period of stay fry in hot water polo was only 20 days.

The Laboratory of natural reproduction is KaspNIIRH periodic counting largest nation generation fry. It was conducted this year. According to the previous years, in wet years, and those years were the years 1998-2005, the concentration of semi-and freshwater fish was 804,000 copies per hectare of water. In 2010, this figure dropped to two and a half times to 391,000 copies per hectare. The rate in the current year, from visual observations, even lower.

A major reason for the decline of fish stocks is poaching. How is talking about it on many different levels, and things there. The fact that poaching is a lot of gear females. It is no secret that it was because of caviar poachers and conduct their illegal fishing.

I will not reveal any secret when I say that poachers are better equipped. They have high-speed boats and motor boats, there are modern navigators. And here at the fisheries there is not a one or the other. And their numbers are too small. Incidentally, this was discussed during the meeting between President Dmitry Medvedev and local fishermen. It was attended by head of the Federal Agency for Fisheries and Andrei extreme that nothing, in general, new, noteworthy fishermen fishers and anglers did not. Is that the idea to set standards promulgated fishing for anglers. Not in accordance with the principles of regional and river basin. The president countered by saying that he is not against "basin" of the principles, but they must be consistent with the regions.

Recently in the media there is a discussion about the new uniforms for workers fisheries. Moreover, it is planned to install as many as three uniforms: Weekend, casual and work. How much money from the state treasury will take to the idea, we can only guess. That is to take and send the money to equip the conservation of a new technique, craft, to raise wages of ordinary workers. By the way, at a meeting with fishermen Quoting Andrew looked in shape pretty impressive compared to others present.

From the depths of Rosrybolovstva repeatedly competently stated that now flood the towns and villages in fish, and in most of these cities and towns will show off specialty shops and supermarkets, in which the fish is in abundance. But time is running out and fish in the shops cat laugh. Just recently looked into the fish store on the Big Isady. And then out of the sea, except for herring, mackerel, whiting yes — no other fish. Local, however, is. But more and more sold Philly. I do not because if it does not last freshness? A headless Try to find out when the fish is caught. Besides our own, local, fish is expensive — do not attack. Carp fillet — 150 rubles per kilogram, catfish — 120. A week ago, carp fillets cost 90 rubles …..

In one of the August issue of "Russian newspaper" read the answer to the question of the reader. He asked whether it was true that the price of salmon will soon fall? Meaning red fish, such as salmon, pink salmon and other salmon species. That's what this question said the head of the Federal Agency for Fishery Andrey Deadline:

— This year, Russia has reached a new record for catching salmon fish. Since the beginning of the fishing season the fishermen caught 206,000 salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, mink, coho, chinook. Along this route sent a ship with ten thousands of tons of salmon in the Port of St. Petersburg. It is much cheaper than sending fish railway. Thus, a great catch and lower costs for transportation will lead to cheaper retail value of the fish. I believe that the price of the most mass of salmon — pink salmon, the stores should drop to 58-65 rubles per kilogram. It is now — about 100 rubles. "

As they say, giving fresh so hard to believe … And according to the head Rosrybolovstva not want to believe. We in Astrakhan, for example, salmon recently cost about two hundred rubles per kilogram. Anyway recently in stores it in person I saw. Probably started reassessment. So wait for pink salmon at the new price … But, I think, do not hold your breath soon. Because the increase in production of fish has not evident for the population. After all, 37 percent of its departures abroad. That is the assessment of the fishery sector Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, which he did on the board of the Federal Agency for Fishery.

But back to our Astrakhan fishing issues. Them from us — a dime a dozen. While the big bosses philosophize on fish stocks, we have, in the lower Volga these stocks is getting smaller and smaller. According to some reports, in the last five years was the roach half, bream and carp in three carp in more than forty times …. And nothing reassuring in the coming years is expected.

Alexander Volga,
"Actual and incriminating" № 27, 03/09/11.

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