Wagon with a poisonous substance capsized in Chelyabinsk region

Van, transports toxic substance creosote, capsized on Wednesday on the highway in the Chelyabinsk region, there were no injuries, but the substance was spilled on the road surface, said Department of Federal Highways "South Urals."

"At the federal highway M-5, a 1727 kilometer of federal importance, an accident involving trucks, transports kreazot. Freightliner Twenty-five-over on the roadway as a result of failure of the braking system. Injured," — said in a statement.

According to the management, road service by cleaning the roadway from the chemical mixture that has spread toward the curb. At the accident scene introduced reverse motion until clean.

Management recalls that in the Chelyabinsk region a restriction of movement due to heavy trucks with temperatures above 32 degrees. However, in violation of the ban by moving some carriers in the daytime. Violation of rules of transportation of heavy and oversized cargo is classified as a serious administrative offense and may result in a penalty of a fine of 500 thousand rubles.

Creosote — a colorless (sometimes yellow or yellow-green), flammable, sparingly soluble in water, oily liquid with a strong odor and pungent taste obtained from wood and coal tar. It is a mixture of phenols, mainly guaiacol and cresol. Soluble in water, alcohol, ether. Poisonous.

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