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Human thinking sometimes amazes stagnancy. Tell me, please, why the majority of people (of those, of course, those who believe in the existence of flying saucers) tend to see the UFO as a product of the same civilization? What is the basis confident that our space brothers in mind represent a united people with a common history and culture? After all, our own history shows that people can be a great multitude, and their culture can be so different that it is difficult or even impossible to find a point of contact between them.

Eyewitnesses had observed a UFO, confirm that we are likely to have to deal with several races, which differ not only in appearance and behavior, but also by the level of technological development. Where different people, there is a conflict of interest that might lead to war …

Combat maneuvers

April 4, 1561 in the skies over Nuremberg broke an amazing fight, witnessed by thousands of people. Contemporaries described the "chilling sight" when flashing UFO about an hour battling each other in the light of the day, hitting the enemy with lightning rays, "fire brighter than the sun." Then they all got slammed to the ground in flames and burned to the ground, covering the sky with smoke. In battle involving tens of black, blue and blood-red balls, discs metallic color, fiery crosses and giant cylinders, of which flying balls. After five years in the airspace over Basel (Switzerland) was similar between the carnage black balls. "Many were heated red-hot, they devoured each other and disappeared" — wrote the local newspaper on August 7, 1566.

In Herman Kolchin "The UFO phenomenon: a view from Russia" also cites the case of combat interaction of unidentified flying objects. Here is what he writes: "Examples of such actions resembling aerial combat between two fighters of the Second World War, a lot. In November 1948 in Japan on American radar screens have been two NGOs to maneuver in this way for an hour. In February 1963 in Meydne ( North Carolina) is also a long time, there was a typical dogfight between flat metal object, which then hung motionless, then threw themselves at each other with great speed.

In 1978, the people of the village, located near the city of Acapulco (Mexico), saw two small disks chasing big and tried to bar his way. And when they approached him at close range, a large disk into a ball of fire and broke into pieces, which seemed to have evaporated. While pursuing his discs flew away and disappeared.

UFO maneuvers were observed in 1947, over the state of Massachusetts, in 1950 — the city of Farmington (New Mexico), in 1952 — above the airbase Hamilton (California), in 1955 — the city Joseph City (Arizona). "

It is interesting that the UFO is not only chase each other, but on occasion, assist each other. This suggests the existence of certain agreements between extraterrestrial races. One such case occurred June 21, 1947 in the Gulf of Pyudzhet Sound, three miles from the Tacoma (Wash.). The clerk gave the Coast Guard with a son and two team members boats patrolling near Maury Island, saw a dense cloud, hovering over the island, there were six disc-shaped objects with a diameter of about 30 meters. Each one of them on the perimeter were symmetrically placed windows, and below — a big black hole. The central disc hung motionless at an altitude of 600 meters, and the other five were flying slowly around him. Then head, moving jerkily and spinning, dropped to a height of 150 meters. I could see that in a dark hole in its bottom, sometimes flashes a bright light. Five minutes later, one of the five UFOs descended on the central disk. A few minutes later he again broke away and went to his former heights. Soon inside the stationary disk blows were heard, muffled explosions, and from it poured down hundreds of small hot debris that fell into the water, formed a vapor cloud. And finally, in it there was a loud explosion. After that, the main lit, gained altitude, joined five other objects, and they all flew off at high speed towards the ocean.

A special commission has found on the island melted remains of some parts. Careful analysis has shown that this is not the fragments cars and at the same time, they are completely different from the wreckage of aircraft of terrestrial origin.

The guns at the ready

On the performance characteristics of weapons flying saucers can be judged primarily on the results of their impact on our combat system. It is noteworthy that in most cases the UFO avoid battles. When defense command posts are sent to intercept them fighters, unidentified objects are trying to break away, while developing an incredible speed and agility demonstrating miracles. Such abilities flying saucers themselves speak volumes. When enlonavty still like to demonstrate the power, the people can only pray.

Gherman Kolchin said about the case, which occurred in June 1944. UFO appeared in the area of operations of the 38th task force the U.S. Navy. To intercept it sent two fighters from the aircraft carrier "Ticonderoga." When you try to attack from both aircraft engines broke down, and they made an emergency landing on water. Pilots picked destroyer "Aaron Bard."

June 6, 1948 test pilot Apraksin in flight at an altitude of 10,000 feet saw an unusual object in the shape of a cucumber, following a cross course. The object proceeded sheaves of rays in the direction opposite to the flight. Contact with the base, Apraksin was ordered to move closer to the subject and, in the case of his refusal to go down and open fire. Pilot sent his plane toward the UFO and managed to get close to him, but was blinded by the bright beam. The car began to fall, and he barely managed to translate it into the planning and land. During the investigation of this case Apraksin told about similar stories.

In July 1954, from an airbase Griffiths (New York) to intercept a UFO was raised fighter "Phantom". Two minutes later, the pilot reported that he saw still hanging shiny disc-shaped object, and rushed to him. Aircraft engine suddenly stalled, the equipment becomes the arrow showing anything, but the pilot felt his face engulfed in heat. He called the navigator, so he ejected, and he followed him. Both successfully landed, but the plane crashed.

Executive Decision

This case is described in the book of the famous British ufologist Timothy Good's "Top secret". In March 1967, two Cuban fighter "MiG-21" were sent to intercept an unknown object flying toward the island at an altitude of 10,000 meters. Approaching him for five miles, the lead plane pilot reported to the command post that the UFO looks like a big metal sphere with no protruding parts. Since the identification of the object could not have been ordered to shoot it down. However, the pilot reported that the fighter's radar and missiles out of service. A few seconds later the pilot of the second aircraft reported that the leading aircraft exploded without smoke and flame. After that UFOs dramatically increased speed, up to a height of 30 kilometers, and disappeared in a south-easterly direction.

June 9, 1974 on a disc-shaped object Tokyo diameter of about 10 meters suddenly rushed towards the messenger to intercept Japanese fighters "Phantom", a pilot who had abruptly turned aside to avoid a collision. Then the object made a sharp turn and then rushed to the "Phantom", then started running around and finally crashed into him. Both pilots were able to eject, but the parachute of one of them, Lieutenant Colonel Nakamura, caught fire. The pilot was killed. The co-pilot, Major Kubota, escaped. No UFO wreckage was found.

The foreign press are examples of how the UFO destroyed his ray gun is not only anti-aircraft missiles, fired on them, but the launchers. Thus, in May 1969, UFO, like a huge orange, appeared over Hanoi and was attacked by several divisions. All rockets exploded before reaching the target. Beam, which was started with a UFO, destroyed one anti-aircraft missile launcher. Crew died.

In November 1974, one of NATO bases on the island of Sardinia been launched anti-aircraft missiles on hovering over the sea a disc-shaped object with a dome on top. Camera, which was on the set of control trajectories, recorded that the UFO escaped "The laser" beam and destroyed a rocket. Footage of this unusual incident were shown on Italian TV in the autumn of 1976.

So, we found that in all cases the military contact between the means of defense and unidentified flying objects last showed an overwhelming advantage. In this UFO using weapons, far surpassing known.

Based on the above, we can make two obvious conclusions. First, some UFOs are armed and, most likely, specifically designed for combat. Secondly, aliens fighting each other, and the man is off limits in this conflict. The reason it is not yet clear. Maybe the aliens can not share the right of control over us? One thing is clear: the world is in the sky as multipolar, as on Earth.

At one meeting, Reagan and Gorbachev U.S. president said the United States and the Soviet Union could defeat the threat alien attack together. That Reagan had in mind? Are we on the brink of war — the worst of humanity and major war? ..

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