Washington urged Moscow not to worry

Washington urged Moscow not to worry
U.S. missile defense is not aimed against Russia, because Russian retaliatory measures to increase the efficiency of intercontinental ballistic missiles are not needed, said Deputy Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller.
«Today Our motherland can not worry about that somehow our actions will reduce the effectiveness of Russian nuclear missile potential. And now Our homeland is already planning on its own intercontinental ballistic missiles do certain counteractions «, — quotes» Interfax » R. Gottemoeller.
According to R. Gottemoeller, «cooperation on missile defense — this is also one of those areas where the United States will continue to find ways to cooperate with Russia.» «Because we believe that cooperation on missile defense — in our common interests,» — said U.S. Undersecretary of State.

In the midst of other areas of cooperation between the Russian Federation probable and she referred to the U.S. work on mutual reduction of nuclear arsenals; increase trade and investment; work together «over freedom of navigation in the Arctic region.»

According views R.Gettemyuller control mechanism over ordinary weapons in Europe in need of modernization.

«The Allies intend to save, strengthen and modernize the regime of control over ordinary weapons in Europe based on the main principles and commitments,» — said R.Gettemyuller.

According to her, in this setting, «keyword — modernization.»

«We are deeply invested in the current security architecture must now upgrade it,» — she said.

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