We do not regret that on December 19 were in the Square …

Participants Square with the Grodno region, recalling the events of December 19, they say, what they think about them more and more often, and really want to quickly bring changes in the society.

The head of the regional organization of the United Civil Party Yury Istomin, who participated in the events of the Square spent 13 days in response to the question — if he does not regret his involvement in the events, said that he was sorry about was that the cells continue to be political prisoners, his friends and associates.

He said that on December 19 the Belarusian society in the Square has taken a step forward toward Freedom. What is the most mentioned with those events?

Yury Istomin

Istomin, "More reason to mind the atrocities on the part of law enforcement agencies. Was not my first time participating in such actions, not once was 25 skavika in Minsk, but such brutality and hatred of his people, the people can not even brothers, neighbors of the police … unfortunately, this is the most memorable. "

An activist from Slonim Boris Kuczynski, who also served in jail, says he does not regret. Kuczynski said that made certain conclusions.

Kuczynski: "If necessary, I'll do it again, but next time we will do and think what we are doing, and not just go out anyhow …".

Another activist Slonimsky, Ivan Bedka, says that the most he remembered abuse in prison, still believes that it was a significant event for the country and for the people.

Absolutely no regrets, because we have contributed to the fact that something has changed in Belarus …

Bedka: "Absolutely no regrets, because we have contributed to the fact that something has changed in Belarus, to respect the law, and if we were not in the area — it would have been very different."

Interviewees think that the political repression that wave which began three months ago?

Istomin"It's a shame Belarus, it is a shame all the people. Entire world knows us only because we have Lukashenko is political repression."

Kuczynski: "My attitude to this is very negative, and not just the negative, I resent it. Perturbs the behavior of the people that they put their heads, afraid: oh, no … I'm saying is that you want to just lay down his head before the age of 60 years. And I say no, we better slowly … Here's the thing. "

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