We urge to act. And those who want to conduct roundtables with Makey — let them spend

Published Manifesto group of politicians about non-violent resistance to illegitimate authority and an active civil confrontation over the state institute says one of its authors — the politician Viktor Ivashkevich.

Tsigankov: Under your manifesto so far subscribed to only a few individuals? Does this mean that others do not want to subscribe, or a document is open for signature?

Ivashkevich: Basically, it is an attempt in the format of the debate is now underway on the strategy of the democratic forces, articulate more clearly its position. Whenever going to a lot of people who are looking for wording that would have arranged all — it is very difficult to give birth to a total compromise version. To understand our approach was, we have published this article.

TsigankovQ: Can I say that manifesto — your answer to a document called "Strategy 2012"? Stanislav Shushkevich during an online conference on Radio Liberty has spoken negatively about the "Strategy 2012". Is your alternative manifesto document?

Ivashkevich: In the "Strategy 2012" did not clarify the position regarding the situation of political prisoners and the conditions for dialogue, which should be this dialogue to take place. Everyone understands that the government will sit down at the negotiating table with the opposition, only if they are forced to do so. The mechanism of coercion in the "Strategy 2012" just is not made public.

On Saturday, March 19, I took part in the recording of the show on Belsatse, and there is the deputy chairman of the movement "For Freedom" Yuri Gubarevich, which is the supporters of "Strategy 2012", said that participation in the parliamentary elections and dialogue with the regime has nothing to do with the presence of political prisoners. And when the lead perapytavsya, does this mean that you can go to the parliamentary elections at a time when the political prisoners will sit, then Gubarevich replied, "Yes."

This moment is the most fundamental. I do not see how you can combine the position of "participation in the parliamentary elections in the presence of political prisoners" with the position of "participation in the elections is possible only after the release of political prisoners." And the second question — how does the power to make a dialogue. Here we propose an enforcement mechanism that allows different people choose different forms — from passive (not subscribe to state publications) to the active — access to unauthorized actions.

Tsigankov: Critics have said or even say that such reliance on the rank of the mass of people, the fact that hundreds of thousands will act — a naive and romantic …

Ivashkevich: Hundreds of thousands have been operating in this area, buying up the currency, although the leaders of the state do not call it. Begins campaign "Stop Petrol", where people are opposed to a rise in price of petrol. In this sense, our proposal did not come from outer space, but relies on the processes that are already in the community.

More fantastic, I think the strategy is based on the fact that the regime will go to a dialogue with the opposition, continuing repression.

Tsigankov: Does the appearance of your appeal, that the opposition de facto divided into two parts — a more radical, uncompromising, and "Dialogues"?

Ivashkevich: Between us there is no such radical vzaemaadmavlennya. After all, those who are in favor of dialogue, to recognize that the power to enforce this. Who is willing to do the work by forcing the government — will do it. Who wants to go to negotiate with the regime, urged him to make concessions — let him go.

Discussion of common search strategies need to be translated into action. Our proposal provides an opportunity to act. And those who want to conduct roundtables with Makey — let them try to invite and Mackay. As long as they do not give even the room.

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