Weapons of the Third World

Weapons of the Third World
Part of the impending technological leap will be another «military revolution» — Promising developments, sluggish progress since the late 1960s, suddenly rapidly gain practical view.
In the midst of major technologies, first, it is worth to call a weapon based on new physical principles (ONFP) — Battle lasers, microwave emitters and electric rail gun (Railgun).

Tactical combat power lasers 100-150 m and the radius of about 20 km acts are already close to the real application. For half a decade stationary design mass in almost two tons uzhalis to weave sizes, allowing to establish such a «weapon» on ordinary truck, armored, drone or fighter. Chemical lasers using fluorine-aggressive and not cheap deuterium replaced by solid-state systems whose requirements are limited to diesel fuel for diesel generators. Solid-state lasers megawatt-class — it more distant future, but the South American reincarnation «lazeronostsa» ABL on the new technical level virtually inevitable.

In other words, in the hands of the military will soon be a very effective tool — push off the laser energy to the target almost simultaneously and straightforward, which provides a «surgical» accuracy. This opens up a fundamentally new capabilities to intercept high-speed or / and small targets — planes, missiles, rockets and shells MLRS artillery cannon. This implies, for example, that the main objects on land (command posts, positions and artillery, anti-aircraft missiles) will be covered by a laser «shield» and the air force will be able to vigorously defend themselves against the defense. In addition, tactical lasers can operate in «a huge sniper rifle.»

Quite well and are developing «microwaves». Better known instrument of this kind — it ADS, non-lethal system that creates the politically disloyal people unbearable pain feeling up to a mile. But the main purpose of microwave guns — disabling electronics. Rayteon already offers microwave-defense system of airports MANPADS on stage — a «huge» Defense. «Microwaves» justifiably claim to the title of «murderers radar», both ground and air. These emitters can perfectly be used to deal with high-precision «smart» instrument.

Develops and electric guns. BAE Systems and General Atomics have already submitted workable standards guns, failing to solve the main problem of the EM-guns — scary wear «trunk». By 2020, the South American fleet should get a rail gun with a capacity of 32 megajoules, and a range of 180 km; perspective refers to the 64 megajoules and chetyrehsotkilometrovoy range.

So Makar, long range artillery approximates to missiles, but with all this classic retains its dignity. In 1-x, the highest rate of fire — electric gun is capable to bring down the enemy castle «blanks». In-2-x, the cheapness of ammunition — even «advanced» Rockets are in the hundreds of times smaller than the rocket. B-3, a large ammunition. B-4 — security (instead of a very explosive and propellant rocket cellars «reylganonosets» cost weight of metal). B-5-x — the extreme complexity of the interception of the projectile.

While the role of the main user of electric guns claim fleet. But BAE Systems is considering a variant with ground-propelled unit, 32-megajoule curb gun. With all this power tools can be to the same immaculate «flak», capable of destroying even highly protected airborne targets like ICBM warheads.

Another fundamental innovation is hypersonic technology. They are developed along two main fronts. First — is the creation of devices with hypersonic ramjet engine jet (scramjet), at a theoretical level allows to get to seventeen sound velocities (17M). More cars per se known type — X-51 and X-43. X-51 — layout hypersonic cruise missile capable to fly 1,600 miles at a speed of 7 times greater than the speed of sound on ordinary hydrocarbon fuel. The assets of the unit — one relatively successful test (engine worked for about 200 seconds was achieved five times the speed of sound) and one botched. X-43 — purely experimental machine, curb hydrogen scramjet. First zero was conducted two successful tests, the rate was 9.6 M.

Second direction — is the creation of non-motorized «ballistic gliders», receiving a one-time «pulse» from rocket boosters or hypersonic aircraft, and more moving by inertia «bounces» from the atmosphere. At the moment it two projects: AHW and Falcon HTV-2. HTV-2 was marked with 2 bad tests, but he was able to achieve speeds exceeding 22 times the speed of sound. Projected range — about 20 thousand kilometers. AHW least ambitious — test was carried out at a speed of 5M at a distance of 3.5 thousand kilometers and passed successfully.

Of course, the emergence of a hypersonic intercontinental-range guns will have to wait, but missiles and medium-range ballistic gliders already realistic. With all this X-51 and AHW have approximately the same speed as the medium range ballistic missiles, and HTV-2 is in this sense corresponds to this intercontinental missile. In fact, before us sets, owning options immediately ballistic and cruise missiles. From the first inherited the highest rate; from the second — the ability to maneuver and a relatively small flight profile (20-30 km — from ballistic missiles at apogee to 1 thousand km), allowing not cure on radar missile. This turns «giperzvukoviki» very problematic target: speed allows you to ignore the everyday defense and maneuvering — missiles. Last created to intercept «passive» ballistic targets at high speeds and possess very strange maneuverability. So Makarov, modern air defense / missile defense is actually worthless against hypersonic weapons.

Meanwhile, energy overclocked to five to eight sound velocity of the projectile for the destruction of a very pretty well protected targets — from bunker to bunker tank. High speed makes it very successfully fight the «frisky» goals. With all this as a payload can act not only kinetic penetrator or an explosive charge, and a set of «smart» homing ammunition, or a kind of «shrapnel» to engage manpower, or, in the end, unmanned spy. Apparently, in the future hypersonic vehicles supplant ballistic missiles and as a means of delivering nuclear weapons.

Finally, the third major innovation — is a surge of activity in the field of military robotics. Unmanned aircraft have long become mainstream in the foreseeable future will be a big part of the summer «livestock.» Marine and terrestrial bots yet more exotic, and then will take progress. If all this is not only quantitative, and high-quality growth — unmanned machines are becoming more autonomous. Martial deeds will be built around the interaction of manned and unmanned platforms — so, along with tanks and infantry into battle will swarm mismatched (ground and air) bots.

Rapidly developing technology and visual stealth. First, it is about metamaterials — composites with negative refractive index can hide the object, causing light rays to bypass it or create optical illusions, reducing, increasing or shifting image. But here the results achieved are still far from real implementation. More limited development — this coverage, «projecting» on the surface of the object image of the nearby «landscape» or other, less cute for the enemy objects. Traditional example — the system Adaptiv, allowing excellent prick imagers, «turning» tank in stone, a jeep, a cow or just helping him communicate with districts in the infrared spectrum.

Military equipment will be «blur», and if successful will be discussed scenario is the emergence of «invisible part» fighters. A similar trend — the creation of «fighting phantoms», «ghostly» holographic objects, distracting and disorienting «adversary.»

Arise and the first fully functioning standards exoskeletons, walking machines, tools for effective manipulation of consciousness fighter.

Implementation of this integrated technology will mean constructive «mutation» military equipment. For example, the concept materializes sixth generation fighter differs from its predecessors in approximately the same as the jets from the piston.

Talking about optional manned, in other words capable of operating in the mode of UAV, a car with a speed of approximately five times exceeding the speed of sound, equipment and microwave laser weapon plus hypersonic missiles. An additional option is a multi-spectral stealth — in other words, the plane will be hard to see not only on the radar. In the future, possible to create a reusable hypersonic bomber with speeds up to 17M. When equipping them with additional rocket boosters we can go alone or suborbital flights LEO: 17M — it is more than 2/3 of the first of cosmic speed, though in scramjet 2.5-10 times more economical rocket engines.

The sea is likely reincarnation neolinkorov: ships, the main instrument of which will again become artillery, supplemented hypersonic missiles and the main defense — laser and microwave antimissile systems.

In other words, the battlefield will change constructively. Pretty hard to say how the interaction will lead the technology, but in general kind of war of the future is already apparent at the moment.

First shot — a «volley» long-range hypersonic missiles, destroying a principled opponent stationary objects (air defense command posts, communications centers, airports, etc.) and attack hypersonic bomber. With all this hypersonic «shock troops» inevitably face a hypersonic interceptor — dogfights in the upper atmosphere, smoothly flows into orbit, may become a formidable reality.

Then will come the turn of tactical «atmospheric» aircraft (in the main unmanned), conducting more detailed «cleansing» Defense saturated using tactical hypersonic missiles and microwave emitters. Earth in response to the same bristle «microwaves» hypersonic anti-aircraft missiles, lasers and electric guns. Above the theater of war battles unfold between new generations of aircraft. Hypersonic missiles «air» will be the primary means of destroying targets at large and ultra-long distances, but their carriers will face a very subtle adversary armed with laser and microwave systems of self-defense. Ultimately remain relatively near dogfight, but it will look fundamentally differently than segodnyaschy «dog dump» with the use of guns — a fight between Fully laser weapon aircraft may continue seconds.

Ground forces will move in coming, with the support of artillery sverhdalnoboynoy electric — it was she, pushing the aircraft on the second plan, will take on the «longish arms.» Combat orders closed from artillery and missile strikes and electrical laser defensive systems. Languid Tank retain a dominant role, but will act as «the company» swarm of unmanned «vehicles» ranging from armored cars to this «insect» and will be able to apply the-horizon strikes hypersonic weapon. Yet, the developed system for intercepting all attacking and increased stealth retain a significant role melee. Embedding region regarding the heavy machinery will expand — will be walking mechanisms where unable to pass tanks, outflank and penetrating to the rear.

Will not go away from the battlefield and infantry — but it will be another infantry, armored, discreet and belligerent in the team with the military robots and mini-drones. For all this, as in other cases, the highest security and stealth retain the highest level of close combat role. In general, in the long term role of countless ground forces even grow.

«Ancient» technology, such as a single information field, too, receive the future development — namely, the command will be able to track down and correct emotional state fighter (for example, by means of transcranial ultrasonic stimulation). Belligerent army reincarnated as deeply integrated and controlled system.

In other words, we should expect positive change in the field of military technology and strategy of fighting.

Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Korotchenko believes that the military-industrial complex should create a real basis for the conduct of «wars of the future.» As the correspondent of IA REGNUM, July 24 this Korochenko said at a meeting of city folk club, where experts discussed prepyadstviya and prospects of the defense complex of.

«The main problem that should be resolved by now the military-industrial complex — is to create a real basis for wars of the future. Nature of human civilization such that war have been and in the near term will remain a historical form of resolving contradictions between states, «- said the expert.

Chairman of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense said that the Russian Federation has an excellent position «in the field of military aviation,» «Safety missile defense and a number of other areas,» Our homeland but loses ammunition and special chemicals.

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