Weather forecast for Russia. Heat will increase up to 43 degrees

Weather forecast for Russia.  Heat will increase up to 43 degrees

In Moscow on Monday was the warmest day of the summer, but last year's record is far away. But in the Volga region and in southern Russia the temperature rises above 40 degrees

Weather in the Central Federal District and the Volga region and in southern Russia in the next few days will be abnormally hot, the temperature in some subjects reach 43 degrees, said Tuesday the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia on its official website.

According to the service, July 27-28, in the Astrakhan region the temperature rises to 40-43 degrees, in Volgograd, Samara, Penza region — up to 40 degrees. In Voronezh, Ulyanovsk expected abnormally hot weather with average daily temperature above normal at 7 degrees or more.

It will be hot during the day Wednesday and Belgorod and Kursk regions, as well as in the Perm region — up to 35 degrees Celsius. Above the norm by 7-9 degrees is the temperature in the next 4 days in the Vladimir region, and in the Saratov region. With regard to the North Caucasus Federal District, in the east and north of Stavropol on Wednesday weather forecasters predict the temperature to 40 degrees.

"Weather in the Central Federal District, July 27 will determine the western periphery of the anticyclone. Most parts of the district rainfall is expected. And only in the western and northern regions (mainly in the afternoon) will sometimes sunny with thunderstorms and wind gusts up to 15-20 meters in the second. prevailing temperature 15-22 degrees at night, 29-36 degrees in the afternoon, "- said the weather center.

On Thursday, July 28 storm center, which was formed on the Adriatic Sea, will move to the Baltic. CFD will be located in the warm sector of the cyclone. The district is expected of short rains, thunderstorms and gusty winds. In the west, the district will rain everywhere. The air temperature will not change, and only during the day in the West can be a little cooler.

On Friday, July 29, the center of the cyclone will move to the south of the Baltic Sea. Cold atmospheric front cyclone crosses the territory of the district to the north-west to south-east. In the area outside of the front will be short rains, sometimes with thunderstorms and gusty winds in some areas is not excluded heavy rains. Starting from the western regions will decrease the air temperature.

In Moscow, the temperature at 8 degrees above normal

Monday, 25 July, the warmest day of the summer. As reported in the capital Gidrometeobyuro, the first working day of the week the air is warmed to 33 degrees. At this point is the highest temperature of the season.

It was reminded that "throughout July mean daily temperature above normal." Since July 23, the thermometer topped 32 degrees (8 degrees above normal). Although by the end of the warm summer months there is not much, but meteorologists say, it can still set some hot records.

Meanwhile, if you look at the meteorological record, the hottest year on record on July 25 issued last year, when the thermometer in the Exhibition Center, and it is for this station recorded record with a plus 36 degrees.

Record 26 July is 37.5 degrees, and he also belongs to the year 2010. But today in the city "only" about 32 degrees above zero — a temperature record forecasters airport "Sheremetyevo" and "Vnukovo", as well as stations in the city, particularly on the Sparrow Hills.

The air temperature in the Moscow metro has exceeded the figure of plus 28 degrees at 50 stations. A total of 167 Moscow subway stations closed.

Over the next two days, the weather will not change: plus 19-21 degrees at night, during the day to 32. But on Thursday, expect a little precipitation. Thus, we can say that the absolute temperature records are expected.

"The hottest 27 and 28 July, again stood out in the past year: the air is heated up to 35.7 and 37.5 degrees, respectively," — stressed in the weather bureau. Forecasters predict that the heat wave in the Moscow region, will last at least until the end of the week, when the expected atmospheric front from the west. He should bring a small metropolis, but looking for — short rains.

While it is not, people fleeing the capital region of the heat soft drinks, which cost, especially in the city center, has grown. If in ordinary shops aluminum can soda costs about 25-30 rubles, on trays in the center of the metropolis is the same Bank, completed, and I must say, very successfully, for 50 rubles.

Even at noon, working many tourists at the fountains, busy shops, standing in the shadows of alleys and squares, on the pavement wet spots from condensation dripping from air conditioners.

More popular than ever and the beaches, where, in contrast to previous years, it is difficult to find a "place in the sun", even on weekdays. Even in the middle of the month the mayor Sergei Sobyanin demanded to strengthen sanitation urban recreation: as intended for swimming, and the places where swimming is prohibited.

Total for this year approved a list of 50 places where citizens and visitors can relax in the summer. On the 37 and bathing is prohibited. Of the recreation areas, where water treatment is allowed, the mayor's office, in particular pointed to the beaches of "Left Bank" and "Beach Club" in the north of the capital, "Silver Wood-2" and "Silver Wood-3" in the north-west, "Mesherskoye "- in the west. In the south-west to stay fit "Troparevo", in the east — "White Lake", and in Zelenograd — Big city pond, School and Lake Black.

In the Moscow region, according to regional health doctors on July 1, you can swim in the 35-and recreation areas. Experts advise citizens: no matter how hot, refrain from swimming in areas where prohibitory sign hangs.
According to ITAR-TASS and RIA Novosti.

Photo: © RIA Novosti

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