Wedding Planner 1 watch online

Wedding Planner 1 watch online
To find your soul mate and be happy — who has not dreamed about it. That being said — and in sorrow and in joy, and in wealth and in poverty, and disease and in health …
Of those who developed home life, who loves and is willing to share that feeling with the audience — our new project on the First Channel.
Each movie — a meeting with the star couple. Natalia The queen and Sergei Glushko, Valeria and Joseph Prigogine, Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova, Anton and Victoria Makarska and many others will be the heroes, "The Wedding Planner." Someone rolled feast, others — on the contrary, tried to hide away from prying eyes, the wife chose the outfits, grooms nervous, relatives and friends of the bride and groom arranged surprises, but on the wedding kitchens were created untold new dishes.
The audience will fall in the number of guests and celebrity weddings become witnesses to the enthusiasm with which the bride and groom themselves are now reviewing footage of his marriage, violently discussing seen and sharing memoirs.

The heroes of the first film became Queen and Natasha Sergei Glushko, more recognizable as Tarzan. Where and how the wedding of this lovely couple, why Natasha has invited Roma and among guests has not been seen nor of the 1st "star" face what dish at the wedding table had a special success, and who is prepared as Tarzan managed to reincarnate the usual ripping leg garter with his wife in a breathtaking show … We'll find out why the Queen had three wedding dresses, and the groom, two hours before the celebration was generally without a suit. Visit the communal apartment of Sergei, where Natalia moved from the "palace", to be closer to her beloved and faster to capture his heart. We will hear the story of how Natalia Named Sergei your spouse in front of reporters, even before this he vyznat Sergei. At that time, they have not even admitted in their own emotions friend other.

Life stars, gossip, sensationalism

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