Welcome to the Skeleton Coast!

A small part of the coast in Namibia has received the mystical and chilling name "Skeleton Coast". The fact is that it is here killed a great number of ships due to heavy fog and intermittent streams. And even if some sailors made it to shore, they suddenly die of thirst. After all, everywhere are nothing but sand dunes.

Not all part of the Skeleton Coast is open for travelers. They can only get to the south coast. You can even find several villages, whose inhabitants catch and sell fish. The most interesting is located on the northern coast of the Skeleton Coast. Here is the most dangerous. But do not let everyone here. Especially as there is organized the present National Park. Only here you can see the magnificent dunes, stretching into the ocean, and taking with them the remains of the huge ships.

There is a legend that he Kidd (known pirate) stayed at this dangerous coast, to repair his ship. Perhaps, somewhere buried here and his wealth. After all, this pirate treasure no one has found. In the National Park there are unique dunes that in strong winds start to make a rattling sound. And the event is not just unusual, even frightening.


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