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Around the mid-sixties of the last century are actively seeking newcomers. There is even a special program of SETI, which scans the frequency band for the presence of man-made signals. Half a century has passed, but the bottom line is not in the foreseeable future does not seem forthcoming. Therefore, some scientists are wondering, "Is there intelligent life in outer space?"

If extraterrestrial civilizations — a common phenomenon, why there is no credible evidence of their presence? Technologically advanced society will be enough only a few thousand years to fully inhabit all available corners of our galaxy. On the cosmic scale, the gap is only one brief moment, but in the meantime you can erect grandiose astroinzhenernye facilities. However, an intensive review by powerful telescopes could not detect any anomalies that can be attributed to the activities of theirs. What is the reason? In the search of an extraterrestrial intelligence have either to answer two fundamental questions: "how often life arises, and the lifetime of technological civilization?" Knowing about the answers, and you can calculate the probability of an early detection.

Answering the first question must be said that there is no consensus. Part of the research involves the uniqueness of life, if not in the entire universe, then at least for our galaxy. Other theorists believe that the origin of life in its essence is an inevitable process, and it appears anywhere for that the conditions are right. Range of opinions on the subject is so broad that the most optimistic forecasts say the presence of life, even in the solar system. On the other hand, taking into account the complexity of the structure of DNA may well be that life is more than the earth and could not have arisen elsewhere. In this case, our existence is a unique process, accidentally incurred by the will of the whimsical nature. Most likely, the correct version is hiding somewhere in the middle. Life in the universe is present, but it requires a lot of conditions, which leads to its increased value.

Now, it makes sense to consider in detail the likelihood of developing the mind. We should proceed from the premise that a reasonable life should mean civilization has mastered space flight. In this case, we can compare our strange and the development of science and technology. Western futurologists give a forecast that the existence of an advanced civilization necessarily restrictive. Variant of such a society involves two generally accepted scenario: go to the machine appearance, or the imminent self-destruction. We have to admit that the second way is real. On the example of our development, we can conclude that humanity was not just on the edge of his death. And who knows what awaits us in the near future!

How to find aliens? Now astronomers have in the arsenal of a few ways in which possible, if not directly, then at least oposredstvenny contact. In first place is certainly worth a scan of the frequency spectrum of the radio band. For example, the technical capabilities of the Arecibo radio telescope trehsotmetrovoy can receive signals at a distance of 50-70 thousand light years, which is approximately half the diameter of our galaxy. I must say that humans are not only looking for and receive signals sent, and sent to distant worlds. In 1979, this telescope was sent a message to the inhabitants of the land toward the globular cluster M13. Due to the limited speed of light, this message will go to 27,000 years, and the same need for a possible answer. At the same time, some experts criticized: in their view, we risk to find themselves in the face of an aggressive civilization.


In addition to the familiar tools of radio astronomy in a meaningful search can take part ultrasensitive spectrometer space observatories. Their participation can detect traces of direct anthropogenic activity at very large distances. Thin detectors can fix ace of specific gases in the atmospheres of alien planets. If such an event will be securely established, the proof of intelligent life will be one hundred percent true. In addition to these methods, contact enthusiasts believe detect radiation sun-like stars in the presence of man-made signals. This can be anything on such a high-energy laser pulses directed at us there the inhabitants. Our objective is to detect such anomalies.

Do we need humanity contact with aliens? Some part of UFO reasonably claims that the mindless interaction with the advanced civilization of the Earth carries a high level of danger of death. Being detected, humanity risks shared the sad fate of the indigenous peoples of Australia and America. In a major advantage, about the same awaits us. How realistic are these fears? As authoritatively stated eminent British space physicists Stephen Hawking, contact with aliens is fraught with potentially disastrous consequences. A cultural shock of the uninvited guests threatens to turn into a disaster as a result of planetary scale. What is clear is that all the activities of a similar direction must be under the vigilant and strict control.

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