Who left the message at the bottom of the Aral Sea?

Who left the message to mankind on the Aral Sea?

From time to address KAZHYDROMET in the name of Boris hydrologist Smerdova get letters from Paris, of the French bank «OVNI», which gathers from all over the world about the most extraordinary, inexplicable natural phenomena. What is so interesting Parisian lovers sensations?

In this event, … Officer KAZHYDROMET Boris Afanasevich Smerdov sees a special meaning: for decades in the Kazakh Scientific Research Hydrometeorological Institute (now KazNIIMOSK) he studied the level of the Aral Sea, and only once, in 1990, the institute of a sudden there were unspent funds .

Nonsense! We decided to order them on aerial photography Lower Syr Darya — research needed, but so expensive that a hydrologist with the experience did not dare to think about them. Denoting the area of research, it is, as they say, just in case, and said the coastal area of the Aral Sea. And when they brought the materials taken, it is in this place found a large number of completely incomprehensible lines.

— Some of them were like the band, potholes, random kind of scratches, — said Boris Smerdov — more reminiscent of the furrow, which left a giant bulldozer. They have a width of from 2-5 to 20-50 meters, some — up to several hundred meters and several kilometers. In figures "clean" corners, they are depicted, as if by some mechanism.

For example, the sign shown in this picture, like a printed letter "C". Many duplicate the form of lines (or modules) that slightly modified form are approximately 20 square kilometers. And the whole area with mysterious lines is about 500 square kilometers. The sea level at that time fell by 15 meters, and these lines under a thin layer of water or on soil dried out were clearly visible.

— These mysterious signs could just be a defective film?

— Is excluded because aerial performed in such a way that one frame is about 60 percent overlaps another. If some element seemed suspicious, he immediately be verified.

— Does not contain a similar character in the bottom of the Aral Sea elsewhere?

— Our colleagues from the Central Asian Research Hydrometeorological Institute (Tashkent) flew over the Small Aral and also saw a strange line at the bottom of the sea.

— And "underwater kingdom" of other of our seas does not contain anything like what was found at the bottom of the Aral Sea?

— At the bottom of the Caspian Sea lines also have been found in the form of grooves and a width of 10 meters and a length of several kilometers. Scientists suggest that the ice left them: they seem to be slipping into the sea or were dragged there by the wind. But we must note that the North Caspian has a nearly horizontal bottom surface, therefore, ice weighing many hundreds and even thousands of tons of just moved to a place on such a small hill.

— I've heard speculation that the Aral could leave traces of more ancient human civilization …

— It could not be, because the age of the Aral Sea about 10,000 years. And these grooves formed several tens or hundreds of years ago, they are located on silty-sandy sediments, which are short-lived. And if they were caused tens of thousands of years ago, they would simply have brought the remains of plants and animals, with sand.

— So who is it that has left these mysterious marks on the bottom of the Aral Sea?

— In my opinion, the answer lies in the structure of the two signs are located on the 20 square kilometers. Modules or repetitive in form furrows have mathematically precise patterns of location. This feature eliminates their natural origin. They are not created by nature. But the man could not leave them — because of their enormous size, complex and precise shapes, as well as the great depth of the sea, where they are located. In addition, these lines have no meaning — it is not protective, no irrigation, no places of worship.

But in order to create them, it was necessary to do a great job. I calculated that for the application of such a large number of lines, furrows would take 90,000 vehicles carrying capacity of 20 tons and 25years of continuous operation. Who, why, and when he could have done all of this, especially in the water? One thing is clear … — they created a civilization, which has a much more powerful technique and a more precise control of its movement.

— And could I leave them ours, earth, engineering, when people tried to save the Aral Sea?

— But we do not have such equipment, which could leave a furrow width of up to one hundred meters! And even with the capture of a bulldozer and more than 10 meters is very difficult to imagine. And why on earth would drive it into the water, producing such huge energy costs? I was interested in the designer underwater technology: is there, even in the military, some mechanisms that could leave such furrows on the seafloor? The answer is no.

— What, in your opinion, want to tell us these letters-line?

— If you take the individual elements of these modules and see how they change over the surface of the bottom, it turns out that from the south to the north, they are reduced in length, and from west to east, change the angle of tilt. This may be an indication of some point remote to several tens of kilometers. And what sense is incorporated in all this, we still have to sort out. But the fact that it's completely random phenomenon, definitely. As is the fact that the mysterious lines at the bottom of the Aral Sea extraterrestrial origin.

Today, there are more questions than answers. I managed to do only research, as scientists say, the "first approximation", because apart from the ruler, pencil and knowledge, I have nothing. For a more accurate and comprehensive study of the phenomenon of the Aral Sea needs a computer analysis conducted by special programs.

The unusual results of aerial photography … the bottom of the Aral hydrologist Smerdov published an article in "Science of Kazakhstan," was the publication of these unique finds in the newspaper "Izvestia". Quite by accident, it became known Parisian bank «OVNI», which gathers information from around the world on all sorts of weird, anomalous, unexplained phenomena. A letter sent by its President Frank Marie at "Kazakhstan, Almaty, Academy of Sciences, the Aral Sea, Smerdova Boris", by some miracle, to find the target.

The bank said in a report to UNESCO that are found at the bottom of the Aral Sea messages extraterrestrial civilization, and they are very interested in them. Kazakh scientist was asked to write a book. Also offered to send a staff member to carry out joint research, but the cost of his stay here had to take over. But what could make a simple hydrologist, though extremely keen to make the discovery? By the time KazNIGMI "subjected to" optimize, and Boris Afanasevich at all out of a job.

Today much of that is already unique information destroyed, when the dam burst, connecting with the Small Aral Sea, a powerful stream was just in these places. The original data remains on the negatives in aerofotogeodezicheskom enterprise, but they are not available to scientists. Yes, and in the scientific community there is no big interest in the strange lines raschertivshim bottom of the Aral Sea. A single researcher can not afford to understand, summarize and give the answer to all of this extraordinary, extraordinary amount of information ..

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