Why Russian Technologies needed rebranding

State Corporation "Russian Technologies", is still engaged in the restoration of the Russian industry, but do not pay really time marketing to the fifth anniversary of his firm decided to work on the brand and fit into the corporate world trends — that was not ashamed to foreign partners.
Boast of "Russian Technologies" already have something (revenues in 2012 reached 1 trillion rubles), but the visual look of the corporation until today remained fairly Soviet, greyish.


And we are known for their looks met. 
For updating the external appearance of "Russian Technologies" addressed to the leading specialists in the field of public relations and design — at the center of strategic communications "Apostle" under the direction of Basil brow and London-based Winter, co-owner of which Ilya Shards-Tsentsiper also heads the Institute for Media, Architecture and Design "Arrow" .

"We have passed the stage of formation, restore order, and the future growth in the value of the product and capitalization will determine the brand" — explains the CEO Sergei Chemezov need rebranding.

State Corporation "Russian Technologies" was formed at the end of 2007 on the basis of "Rosoboronexport" for the consolidation and improvement of Soviet industry giants. Simultaneously Corporation was transferred to 437 enterprises with a total loss of 630 billion rubles. 30% of these enterprises Mr.ahodilos in predbankrotom or bankrupt state. The structure of "Russian Technologies" including entered AvtoVAZ, KAMAZ, Izhmash, VSMPO all the helicopter plants of the country. By 2012, the number of enterprises reached 633.

All the plants were audited and launched an anti-crisis program. The main task of the state corporation — to restore the torn production chains (for this venture together in holdings), to make transparent and plants to attract them to foreign investors with global technology. Early successes — this is what came to AvtoVAZ concern Renault-Nissan, to KAMAZ — producer of "Mercedes» Daimler, the largest holding in the world of titanium VSMPO strengthen cooperation with Boeing and Airbus. Holdings that are already comfortable on their feet, now prepared to enter the stock market.

The Russian industry with a human face.
Rebranding (born rebranding) — a set of measures to change the brand. The brand, in turn, is a face of the company's message in a meaningful information space. By the way, "Russian Technologies" back in 2010, tried to build up its image. Then it was decided to dispense between domestic forces of design ideas. However, little thought, frankly, was rather weak and could only give a colorful star in the Soviet style. But Yuri Gagarin already decently long made his high flying, and the Stars and space theme is not so vibrantly speaks to our hearts.

With a Soviet face attract leading Western corporations as investors and partners is problematic. Still, as in any system of relationships in the world of the giants of industry, there is some code system "friend or foe". In order to be accepted for her, you should look accordingly. That is, relatively speaking, can not be drunk Tap Dance in dirty overalls come in a solid bank and ask for a multimillion-dollar loan to open a service center. At the very least, step you need to take a shower and put on a suit. That is why the "Russian Technologies" and needed a rebranding.

The new corporate identity will bring communications corporation with global corporations to the next level. For the development of the style of "The Apostle" (the rebranding) drew the best minds of the British designer's idea.

The new name of "Russian Technologies" — "Rostekhnadzor" (in Latin letters Rostec). It is shorter, easier to remember and pronounce (which is important for foreigners). Soviet Star in the logo was replaced by a square made up of brackets. "There is a clear feeling that an enterprise located in the perimeter" Rostekhnadzor ", is in a protected field and at the same time open and to innovate and to invest. I think we managed to create a simple and intelligible, but at the same time meaningful graphic language " says — Ilya Shards-Tsentsiper. Received "Rostekhnadzor" and a new slogan — "partner in development", and the new brand book.

In addition, the Corporation acquired an updated website in seven languages, including Russian, of course. On the set of updates has already spent 1.5 million euros.
Brow and Tsentsiper have conducted re-branding of one of the holding "Rostekhnadzor" entitled "Optical systems and technologies." Now he carries the name of the founder of the key enterprises of the holding — a native of Switzerland, Theodore (Feodor) Schwabe. Holding "Schwabe» (Shvabe) and acquired its own slogan — "The Power of Light", which means a new brand philosophy, "" Schwabe "creates light, and the light — that's life."

Rebranding 'Optical Systems and Technologies " cost of 1.5 million dollars.Now the "Schwabe" is ready for the IPO, which is planned for 2017. And this is one example of the strategy of "Rostekhnadzor" for the withdrawal of our industry to the world level.

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