WikiLeaks Founder insurance against arrest

WikiLeaks Founder insurance against arrestIn the web can be placed top-secret material concerning the interests of the United States and several other countries. As warned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, it will happen in the event of his arrest or final closure of the controversial Internet portal. Assange has made such a statement after a report that he was being started hunting Interpol. From London correspondent "Vesti FM" Peter Garin.

Take positive precautions portal WikiLeaks founder is obliged because of threats to their own the address. Interpol issued an international arrest warrant for Assange on request of Sweden, where he was blamed for the rape. Lawyer founder WikiLeaks declares that the case is politically motivated, but, according to British media reports, Assange can arrest this week.

According to some reports, he was hiding in one of the south-eastern suburbs of London, where they continued to maintain contact with the staff WikiLeaks. Documents that it threatens publish, — top secret. In contrast to previous portions of compromising, they are made available for review to representatives of the U.S. government, which could withdraw from the texts of "awkward" family. In the middle ready to publish materials — the consequences of the U.S. air strikes in Afghanistan, the documents relating to the bullpen in Guantanamo, the information on the Bank of America and the oil company BP. Materials in encrypted form already sent tyscham 100 people worldwide and will be posted immediately, unless Assange arrested. According to Sunday Times, the sample-independent professionals to decipher the texts have not yet led to success because of the difficulty of the cipher.

Meanwhile, in Switzerland interested in bank accounts Assange.
Postal Service wants to know really whether the project manager, born in Australia, lives in Geneva, as it was indicated in the documents to them. Employees of the bank, where he holds the funds fluctuate correct address. Undergo testing that account for which everyone can make a donation to WikiLeaks.

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