Will Israel without the help of others to kill Iranian nuclear program from?

At the current time, the threat of an attack on Iran seems to have once again passed. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that "Israel has not made a decision to start any operation." It is clear that "so far" says that Jerusalem may come back to this issue at any time of when it sees fit.

It should be noted that Our homeland and Germany warned Israel against a military strike on Iran. Thus, Foreign Minister 2-Powers Sergey Lavrov Guide Westerwelle expressed concern over the fact that the attacks against the Islamic republic has not only not solve the "nuclear issue", and will cause a significant loss in the middle of the civilian population. Pose a safety hazard not only in the Middle East and in the world as a whole. According to the ministers of foreign affairs of Russia and Germany, there are still real diplomatic abilities to solve prepyadstviya regarding Iran's peaceful nuclear programs from the method.

Called in to the world and China. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC on November 8 issued a statement, which called on Iran to show "flexibility and sincerity" in all matters relating to Iran's nuclear programs from. The official dealer of the Chinese Foreign Ministry also said that at least some use of force against Iran the country — even to prevent the emergence of nuclear weapons — from the standpoint of China is unacceptable. You can only solve the problem of "through dialogue and cooperation," — added to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

In general, the war is not profitable nor the U.S. population, or the European Union. Putting serious sanctions or a military operation will inevitably entail a rise in oil prices, and it will cast strike the world economy, which is already in the current time is not in the best condition. In addition, China is a significant amount of Iranian oil and is against the imposition of new sanctions.

And in the world continue to escalate the situation. The Guardian said that the IAEA inspectors have found a location on the Islamic Republic's nuclear test base. It will be announced in the official report of the international agency for nuclear energy.

The publication WorldNetDaily told about his secret talks between Iran and Russia. According to the disk imaging journalists, the Russian Federation secretly visited the Iranian delegation, which held talks with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who "has the real power in Russia." Tehran offered Moscow to Iran to build 5 nuclear power plants, the total amount of the transaction is estimated edition of 40 billion dollars. In addition, our homeland should assist to build two nuclear laboratories, the price of this contract is estimated at 7 billion dollars. According to the views of the publication, in these laboratories will be enriched uranium, which can be used for military purposes.

Russian state corporation "Rosatom", which connects voedinyzhdy all Russian companies working in the nuclear energy and nuclear weapons (NW), denied the information about assistance to Iran in projects for the production of nuclear weapons. In the state-owned corporation said that our homeland is involved in the project only nuclear power plant in Bushehr and supplies to the Islamic republic medical isotopes (Mo-99), which are consumed in the medical field.

Can the Jerusalem without the help of others to kill Iranian nuclear program from?

It is understood that at the moment strike is unlikely, but the possibility of war is. Jerusalem has two sets of obstacles — political and military background. From a political point of view a military strike is fraught with very serious consequences. In 1-x, Israel can fend off the latest Arab-Israeli war, in her opponents Israel are allies of Iran — Syria, Lebanon, "Hezbollah" Palestinian movement "Hamas". In-2, the behavior of Turkey and Egypt. What will the Cairo and Ankara criteria Arab-Israeli and Iranian-Israeli wars? There is a possibility that they will join the anti-Israeli coalition and the Egyptian-Turkish fleet covers a Jewish government from the sea. Without the transportation by sea of fuel Israel is doomed to failure.

B-3, understand the situation with the United States. Is there a guarantee that by starting a war, Israel is left alone? Such a guarantee. A total isolation of Israel will lead to his defeat.

From a military point of view, the Israeli air strike against Iran's nuclear facilities — just not an easy task.

— Common border is not, because the Air Force should proparhat through the terrain of another country. Four main routes — through Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. It is clear that the Syrians and Turks are unlikely to miss them. Damascus is trying to kill Israeli squadron. Because there is the possibility that the Israeli Air Force will have to suppress air defenses States that would interfere with basic tasks.

— As you know, the Jewish government already has successful experience of destruction of nuclear facilities potential enemy. For example, as was the case with the Iraqi nuclear reactor "Osirak", which eliminated in 1981 ("Operation Opera"). There are reports that in 2007, the Israeli Air Force killed the Syrian covert nuclear facility in Deir az-Zura.

But now we need to hit more than one object, but several. In addition, they are placed on the significant distance from Israel, the objects are scattered around the country, some of them built in deep water (ie, need special "bunker" ammunition). Atomic objects have good air defense.

— The Israeli air force must crack the defense of Iran, to break into its air space, and then kill air defense systems that protect specific nuclear facilities.

So Makar, to solve the problem of a surprise attack will not work. On such an operation takes time, unlimited ammunition, ready to losses. And kill one or two silly object: responding acts of Israel's enemies will be the same as in the case of a full-scale operation, and nuclear programm Iran will soon be restored. It is not clear that Jerusalem alone would be able to kill the nuclear program from Iran (with the option to use nuclear weapons in Israel will not be considered).

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