Will Rogozin crush Serdyukov

In late November, according to tradition the country's top military chiefs sums up the year. But this event was not very presentable appeared President Medvedev, which, by the way, the Constitution is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, for which the report is to miss the military — is unacceptable. Can I call this "forgetfulness" Medvedev accident? Most likely — no! A if No, what caused this "move the Supreme?"

On this occasion there worldview, according to which Medvedev in a hurry to show the citizens of, that he does not see today the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation in its own likely future team. This can be justified by the fact that the ratings of the sovereign Serdyukov as the middle of the military and civilian officials in the middle of a very low, if not — insignificant. Someone did not take it as a defense department manager because of his "remoteness" of the military problems, one can not forgive him Serdyukov amorphous in decision-making iconic. One example of this can be called the most amorphous significantly prolonged the signing of contracts between the Ministry of Defense and industrial companies producing these or other types of weapons. I remember, as the President has pointed out in late spring Anatoly Serdyukov on it, so he immediately took measures to signing important principle for national security contracts before the summer. But the emperor Serdyukov, as usual, looked down at the floor and mumbled something unintelligible, and continued to keep a situation under the state defense order on the brakes. Surprisingly, almost half a year but virtually no-how or harsh measures to implement the orders of the President Medvedev Secretary of Defense has been taken. And, most importantly, for such an outrageous disregard for the presidential words sovereign Serdyukov continued to hold his soft ministerial seat. Only in the middle of November, Anatoly E. said finally plans to start work on state defense orders. The word "plan" brought to the righteous indignation not only the military itself, but, in all likelihood, Dmitry Medvedev. President obviously hurt that Serdyukov, in fact, has permitted himself to ignore the order of the Supreme Commander. With all this Serdyukov Medvedev decided to respond in kind and ignored his report on the work, if any, so to say "work" in 2011, the general was the place to be. In this case, you can provide for yourself, which is practically giving way to Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin for the next 6 years, Dmitry Medvedev received carte blanche when forming their own "expanded government", taking into account their interests as well.

It turns out that Anatoly Serdyukov may be out of the list in advance of future control of the Ministries of the Russian Federation. In this case, it will be the second person after former Minister of money fell out of favor mandatory tandem. Alexei Kudrin was left out for their excessive activity in dealing with the Western "partners" and, in particular, because of the reluctance to spend money to modernize the army. Anatoly Serdyukov completely may leave the Department of Defense, for reasons of military reform braking. In other words, and Kudrin, Serdyukov and can become the first tandem, which refused the services of most first tandem in the country.

But if Serdyukov got that name by sight, and can say goodbye to the chair, then who is more possible we will present as the new defense minister. And then there is the man who somehow very often for the Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to NATO began to appear on television. This man — Dmitry Rogozin. If the "telemelkanie" case, how to explain the fact of a Dmitry O. coupled with President Medvedev in Vladikavkaz, in violation of all protocol formalities. Neuzh it is the responsibility Rogozin to represent the interests of the Russian Federation to NATO, and decided to include joint visits with the President of the country and appearing before the Russian, and not NATO troops.

Because it is entirely possible that Dmitry Rogozin may vary Anatoly Serdyukov at the Ministry of Defence.

If we consider Rogozin as the lead candidate for the ministerial post, that is to say that his popularity with the people is much higher than that of the same Serdyukov. Suffice it to recall the fact, as Rogozin as a favorite of the party "Rodina" just broke in a good sense of the word in the Municipal Duma in 2003, with more than 9% of the vote. For the young party, which put itself in opposition wing it can be considered harsh success. And despite the fact that Rogozin Russian authorities deported an explicit "link Brussels' popularity among the people, Dmitry Rogozin is very high. Rogozin himself and indirectly confirms that might lead the Ministry of Defence, creating a utility for modern Russian army. In this program there Rogozin declares that the army needs to modernize and increase patriotism in the middle of the military. Words may seem ordinary by the trivial, but … At the same time, Dmitry Rogozin, has set up the so-called Foreign military housing, which will include those who longs to get Russian citizenship. With the increasing desire to have Russian Passport people of the Central Asian republics, as in the Kosovo Serbs, Rogozin's proposal looks more than reasonable. In this regard, even the refusal to issue Russian passports Serb residents of Kosovska Mitrovica and other Serb enclaves in Kosovo can be attributed to the fact that in addition to humanitarian assistance to people of military age Our homeland is willing to offer to enter Foreign body (Legion) Russian army. And if Serbs would agree that it would be a real blow to NATO from the waist down. Such obmyslenny course, if adopted Russian senior management and supported by the same Kosovo Serbs, that does not look much such a utopia can not only enhance the impact of the Russian Federation in Europe, and really protect the Serbian people. After all, this is the Russian military will be able to defend the interests of their own people and their land.

In addition, Dmitry Rogozin is a politician who preaches pretty hard gaze associated with a state issue. Now in the Russian army are suitable for both eyes can be very useful due to the increased number of so-called draft dodgers specifically in the middle of the Russian population. Dmitry Rogozin, the son of the organizer of the defense industry of the USSR, the Deputy Chief of the arms of the USSR, Lieutenant-General Oleg Rogozin, knows first hand that this strengthening of the Russian army, the difficulties of modernization. Because the candidacy of Dmitry Rogozin as minister of defense — more than is due.

But we must not forget the fact that Mr Rogozin can become quite severe competitor imperative tandem. After all, in 2006, the "Homeland" led by Rogozin, under the pretext of inciting ethnic hatred, and because of the rapidly increasing virtually ratings, has been seriously attacked by the party in power. Then is popular among the people Rogozin decided to send away from the people's eyes, leaving in the "vaults". Because unassigned Rogozin ministerial post can only mean one thing: segodnyaschy power is simply afraid to get this opponent, whom the young and rating policies Rogozin certainly can become. But here is the tandem should be selected: no headway with Serdyukov and his army of similar or development under threats of increasing popularity Rogozin. But the choice, the power of this wish or do not wish to, have to do!

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