Will the SCO become a Eurasian variety of NATO and the EU?

In Astana, the anniversary summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Experts and analysts had expected from him at once several "breakthroughs": in decision mechanism of entry into the Shanghai company observer states, such as Iran, India and Pakistan, and the creation of institutions to finance joint economic projects.

In the middle of yet there is no unity in outlook, what's the value of the organization: the economy or security. In Russia and in China at the present time dominated by the view that the main value of the security. In Beijing, even believe that the SCO may be analogous to the North Atlantic contract in Eurasia. Although the current time Beijing is betting specifically on economic development that supports and Kazakhstan. In the economic area, is also not without problems, in the true time SCO is dominated by bilateral rather than multilateral affairs. It is clear that the countries of the SCO area which is occupied by three fifths of Eurasia, may qualify for a greater economic, political and military significance in the world, forming his own project of globalization, as opposed to the Western world. Western project is very aggressive, carries within it the beginning of the parasitic, that it supports most of the world. SCO could be more clearly formulate another plan aimed at human development, countries, preservation of the state, the religious identity of the peoples of the planet.

Reference: SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), Regional International organization, founded in 2001 by Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The total area of the countries included in the company is 30 million km ², its total demographic potential — it is the fourth of the population of the planet, and the financial and economic capacity includes the strongest, after the U.S., China's economy, large cash reserves of Beijing and Moscow. In military terms: the second, after the United States, by the power of the nuclear forces of the Russian Federation, China's nuclear capability, naikrupneyshaya largest in the world of the Chinese army, yes, the Russian Army is one of the biggest in the world, plus the military technology of. The main objective of the organization are: to strengthen stability and security in the wider Eurasian space that brings together the participating countries, the fight against terrorism, separatism, extremism, drug trafficking, economic development, energy, scientific and cultural cooperation, collaboration. In the future, the SCO can join the observer countries: India, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan. And the status of "dialogue partners" are Belarus and Sri Lanka. The major structures: the Council of Heads of State (CHS), the Council of Heads of Government (CHG), the Council of Ministers of Foreign Ministers (CFM), the Meeting of Governors of the ministries and agencies, the Council of State Coordinators, Regional counterterrorism structure, the Secretariat.

Condemnation of the U.S. missile defense and the war in Libya

As adopted at the Summit Declaration on the events in North Africa, the countries of the SCO virtually condemned today's actions of NATO in Libya as direct support to one of the conflicting parties. However, in the very terms Myagenko was indicated that such crises should be resolved by "peaceful means, by policy dialogue and acts of international society should be focused on the further promotion of the state of reconciliation and carried out strictly on the basis of international law." Because SCO countries offer to suspend the armed conflict.

In addition, there was concern about the unstable situation in the Middle East and North Africa, the countries of the SCO stand for rapid stabilization of the situation in the region.

The summit participants also supported the position of the Russian Federation in relation to its plans concern the U.S. and NATO, the creation of a one-sided anti-missile system. Because building a missile defense system by the state or a narrow group of States "could harm strategic stability and international security."

It is clear that these "signals" are not taken in Washington and Brussels as a guide to action. But the adoption of such documents by the Member States of the SCO, with the approval of the observer countries, demonstrating to the world that the actions of the U.S. and NATO against Libya, the creation of a missile defense system in a one-sided manner disagrees actually half the world's population. Including Russian, Chinese, Indian civilization and the Islamic world.

What you need to do in order to become the core of SCO alternative devices Western Eurasia Project

— An important step, which would to a large extent "free hand" of the organization, would project — "The ruble as a reserve currency for the SCO." Thus, held in Astana anniversary summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the subject touched. Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev favorite said: "For now, have not solved the problem of global monetary architecture. We need a healthy national currency, and the better that it was backed by gold. SCO will be able to do it. " So Makar, the SCO could make a major move in the direction of integration, in the face of impending economic and financial collapse, creating a "safety cushion". In addition, it would facilitate and settlements. This move could be the beginning of the creation of the candidates and the Western world, with its Baksova system and partly euros.

Basically, if you do not develop this idea, such exchange may be the yuan. Beijing has also expressed its willingness to provide as such reserve currency within the SCO own Yuan. China is already the support concessionary loans issue specifically in their own national currency. Because it's time to reflect on the Moscow development of an "independent ruble" is not tied to a buck, maybe tie it to the gold country of supplies or loaf on the project "energorublya" — energy security of the country's currency, because using energy made virtually all of the products of the country .

— It is clear that SCO has not yet taken final shape and has potential in the development of the military-political bloc, who are vitally interested in the stabilization of the situation in Eurasia. Because no coincidence that such powers like India, Iran, Pakistan, has long been standing in line for a membership card to the SCO, where India and Pakistan — are nuclear powers. Although China and rival of, yes, both Moscow and Beijing have a common enemy in the face of a potential NATO and the United States, because friendship against the West will be profitable two powers. The penetration of China to Central Asia in almost everything related to the position of Moscow, its passivity. Benefit from joining the alliance and Pakistan — in the face of China and Russia hope he will get to stabilization, preservation of peace, really hurt the U.S. soon "shake" the situation there.

— Nazarbayev has identified several areas of concern will strengthen the role of the SCO and its integration: defeat in Central Asia "global drug syndicate" and bring him to trial managers of the Hague Court, however, the Kazakh president did not say where the center of the syndicate, he said only, Once it is placed outside of Afghanistan. Taking into account the fact that pop up information about what to international drug trafficking involved in the U.S. secret services, the phrase came mnogosmyslennyh enough. The subsequent task is not inferior to the magnitude of the first — to establish a "common powerful barrier to the network is destructive." "It is time to introduce a new concept of
international law" e-borders "," electronic sovereignty. " We need to support the important work of our Russian and Chinese friends and to develop a common position on this issue. We have to loaf on the creation of a special body of the SCO, shall be the kiberpola. " That after all, the task of truly global. And vitally important, taking into account the role of the web in fomenting unrest in the Near East and North Africa. For it is proposed to adopt the experience of China, which already has a good experience — it created a powerful filtering system Disloyal info and supporting this system the 30 th. kiberpol.

Nazarbayev also proposed to make the meeting to resolve the territorial and regional conflicts. "We need to take preventive measures in possible hot spots in the area of responsibility of the SCO." Thus, according to him, during the conflict in Kyrgyzstan, the SCO could not make retaliatory steps. Another important task — it creation transenergeticheskogo one place of the SCO, which will integrate all piping and electrical power strip in the region. In addition, noted the importance of the creation of water-Food Committee of the SCO, which is in the middle of other problems and deal with the settlement of disputes between countries aqua.

Basically, if these tasks can be solved, West project would receive a serious contender on the planet.

Difficulties SCO

— Our homeland is concerned about economic expansion China in Central Asia. At the same time, taking into account the fact that China's economy at the present time the second in the world and is fast catching up the U.S. economy, and yet the fact — disproportionately highest corruption and incompetence of the Russian bureaucracy, while Moscow has nothing to oppose China in this field. Moreover, the political elites in the countries of Central Asia have almost come to terms with a predominance in the region of China, China is already the de facto for their "big brother".

— Moscow's attempt to balance the power of China's admission to the SCO India (the one applied) does not look like winning because it will immediately adopt and Pakistan, where the strong Chinese position.

— The problem of Iran: Tehran in a very bad relationship with the Western world, cooperation with cherished India and China. For the countries of the SCO Iran's nuclear programm does not look dangerous. For example, China again led the active co-operation with Iran in the field of rocketry. Plus Iran is important, as the principal transport hub and naikrupneyshy exporter of energy resources.



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