Without doing this, people will repeat the dinosaurs

Without doing this, people will repeat the fate of the dinosaurs.  Photo: content.mail.ru

A group of scientists, described the situation in the oceans processes beginning of the sixth "great extinction", argues the opinion the following facts. In the area of Brazil in January of this year, mysteriously killed 100 tons of sardines. Mangroves that serve as a refuge for many species of fish, shrinking at an unprecedented pace, outstripping the most pessimistic forecasts. Coral reefs could be lost forever during the lifetime of the present generation. The reason for this degeneration is a combination of three main factors that led to the extinction of entire species of fauna in the past. This decrease in oxygen content in the sea water and the consequent emergence of dead zones, and acidification and ocean warming. According to scientists, can stop the degradation, but this requires urgent and tough. First of all, requires an immediate reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Also an urgent need to stop over-fishing of fish, creating no-fishing zones and marine reserves. Requires strict control of the discharge into the sea and oceans of toxic waste such as sewage, fertilizer, animal waste, etc. Scientists also insist on guarantees of safe use of natural resources and energy of the ocean. We are talking about pipelines and submarine cables, including from wind generators. Otherwise the planet expects a "reset"

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