World of repair (ceilings, ventilation) watch online

World of repair (ceilings, ventilation) watch online
In the video encyclopedia can be found virtually everything: production technology system works, gutter, water, electricity, windows, doors, bathrooms, device, partitions, doorways, leveling floors, walls, ceilings, the final finishing of the walls and floor, holding alarm, new technologies and modern materials, and much, much more. Extensive video material data disks will be ready for upcoming work, right to choose the materials and carry out repairs.
For you to carefully show and tell how to select high-quality materials, parquet flooring, cork or laminate floor, ceiling or wall mount wall panels, as well as to remove the possible shortcomings and true care for the location after the repair.
Knowledge, acquired through this movie, posodeystvuyut qualified to negotiate with the control of the working team, to determine future work with the budget and avoid offensive mistakes!

INSTALLATION Rack-and ceiling in the bathroom

En — a place in which moisture is considerably higher than at least some other of the flat. And the most vulnerable spot in the bathroom — it was her ceiling, the surface of which over time from exposure to mokrovatogo couple can corrode, and even fungus on it because it will appear. But this "ceiling" still the problem has its solution, while fairly common. They can be rack ceiling. Rack-and ceiling completely resistant to various bad influences. Specifically, corrosion for it is not a threat.
And in addition, the process of installation is quite simple. At the same time so simple that its details are only takes two minutes of the proposed video. Here how to prepare space for installation pololka how to strengthen the ceiling. The leader, Alexei Naumenko, do not skimp on the details and thoroughly knows all the details of this work.

Setting Stretch Ceilings: Development

Videos will help you to quickly learn the principle of installation of suspended ceilings. First step — mounting rails. The guides are located on the perimeter of the room and along the advance made by the sketch. They are fixed with screws with the tip in the form of drills, so they are faster and more reliable fixed in the wall. Next attach the base to light and developing a system of communication. After that, you can begin the installation of concrete.
Himself ceiling presented the idea of the web which with special heat gun is heated to a temperature of 70 degrees, which provides it with flexibility and convenience in work them. After heating it one can free to stretch and fill in a baguette. In the video, a specially selected style of the room, because a number of different fabrics used for the ceiling. Along the perimeter of the hole blades are locked bars. In targeted areas where communications were announced in advance, make the holes and insert the lights.

Installation of suspended ceilings made of plasterboard

In this video clip, you'll learn how to mount a false ceiling of plasterboard. It is not as hard as it seems. In most cases, suspended ceilings are used to configure the room design, interior decorating and giving special kind. Often they are used to conceal the communications. Ceilings are one-and two-level framework. The first step recommended in the video — marking plan on paper and transfer size on the ceiling. This will greatly facilitate your work. Then you will know what it consists of the construction of ceilings. A specific types and sizes of rails corners.
Working attachment shown in the video. Drywall is attached with screws. Their edge is shaped drill because they bystrozakruchivaemy and comfortable. Also, when using self-tapping screws can be decorated ceiling. It should be remembered that the surface should be primed to raze it and was smooth and ready for the upcoming finish.

Suspended plasterboard ceilings

Video clip will tell more about a popular destination for the design of the ceiling drywall to the two-tier framework. Next to you is a list of the necessary tools and their area of deployment. With the suspensions are mounted ceiling profiles. In principle, take into account the distance between the profile and the wall between themselves and profiles. Direct hangers are attached to the joists. In the video carefully explains what specific items are needed for a similar design and the process of assembly.
It is also provides information about the correct mounting profiles among themselves, as well as how far complied with all this. Essentially do not forget to inspect the level. After all manufacturers one can fasten drywall. Sheets are sewn to the ceiling with extensibility of about 4 cm heads of screws in drywall to retract mm. After that, proceed to putty.

Installation of lighting devices

When working with the wiring not forget about safety! To install this fixture to find his future position to Electricity. To do this, you should know the floor plans and deployment of communications.
In the right place sawed a hole of the desired diameter, which fit the wire. The leads are stripped and these terminals are attached to the back of the terminals are wire fixture. A light bulb is inserted into the light fixture without touching hands. Terminates step is to install the fixture into the hole, it will be attached to the snap. After clamping fixture certainly test it.


There are several types of kitchen range hoods. Then carefully explains each of the types of hoods, their shortcomings and advantages. Based on this disk imaging, you can choose the model of the device that best suits your circumstances. It is a question which can be integrated hood, that she was visually inconspicuous. We give a formula that can determine suction power. In turn, the formula drawing power will help determine which specific extract will need to either another type of food, because of the size of the latter directly depends on what kind of hood must be purchased.
There is information about determining the appropriate size of the drawing on the distance from the plate to set the device to prevent its ability to fire from the stove. And, importantly, discusses the mechanism of the hood.


Without which they can not do a standard bathtub? Of course, without a high-quality ventilation! But that still do if a ventilation s
haft not let down electronic cable? On this issue, as on many other series on the subject, gives the answers proposed video. This video tells about the latest variety of fans that own special qualities. After reviewing it, you can know how to install the fan, be sure to use this Anchor and fixing what it can be changed, why not ordinary ventilation shaft sovladevaet with moisture? What is the way to deal with the moisture in the ventilation shaft? What is the sequence of work to install a ventilation system? How can we change the bath vent that should be used for the installation of ventilation ducts for the installation of devices?


If you feel that your room was grim and grayish, it can dispel the memory brand new, colorful and beautiful chandelier. Once you have acquired the latest chandelier, it would seem, can only install it. But here it is "only" is not such a common as it might seem. The process of installation is directly depending on the type of lamps, which you want to install. Collect chandelier — it's not so hard, harder to connect it well. What you need to do? Know the answer by clicking on this link. Then see the standard sequence of steps to install the chandelier.
This video review is because, except for the sequence, then you can get information about the safety associated with the installation of this device. It would seem that anyone can mount a chandelier, but it must be done in such a Makarov, so as not to cause a short circuit or fire kutsee with all the consequences.

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