World of repair (doors, windows) watch online

World of repair (doors, windows) watch online
In the video encyclopedia can be found virtually everything: production technology system works, gutter, water, electricity, windows, doors, bathrooms, device, partitions, doorways, leveling floors, walls, ceilings, the final finishing of the walls and floor, holding alarm, new technologies and modern materials, and much, much more. Wide Video material these discs will help to prepare for future work, right to choose the materials and carry out repairs.
For you to carefully show and tell how to select high-quality materials, parquet flooring, cork or laminate floor, ceiling or wall mount wall panels, as well as to remove the possible shortcomings and true care for the location after the repair.
Knowledge, acquired through this movie, posodeystvuyut qualified to negotiate with the control of the working team, to determine future work with the budget and avoid offensive mistakes!

Installing SWING GATES

Swing gates — this is an item that is part of most modern fences and garages. Their installation provides for compliance with a number of technologies, the availability of certain materials, tools, and of course the appropriate knowledge and skills.
Here — a description of all the installation steps swing gates — the creation of trenches, mixing concrete poles installation, a suspended column, securing pole position, installation and fixing of fixtures, installing shutters for doors, PUNCHING, creating holes in the right places, anchoring vorot.Ves productive process is described laconically understandable, but in the details. In the course of the story leading to the video clearly shows the whole process and the tools you'll need for that. Clip only lasts a little more than 3 minutes, but it gives depth and complete answers to all questions on this topic.

Installing Blinds

Shutters — are special light-protective devices that are created from the horizontal or vertical (often horizontal) plates. All the more often occur in the windows of modern apartments, displacing evenly curtains. Can be made of many materials, but in most cases — made of metal. Here provides information on installation of blinds. Roller-presentation does not last long, but during this time the audience finds out that of the amount of disk imaging on the subject, which can assist in full without the help of others to install blinds.
Reveals step installation preparations, absolutely describes the development of this work are listed all the necessary materials for this and instruments. Thanks to this roller least some hope will be able to without the help of others to decorate their windows for the previously acquired the necessary materials and installing blinds.


Architrave — it's the part that closes the gap formed between the door frame and the wall. Made from different materials and may be of a different shape. In principle, the installation of casing — it's easy work, but still has its certain features, ignorance may seriously destroy the quality of the work. After all, due to an incorrect measurement (unit) can be damaged material, wasted time.
The video shows how to mark, cut and trim to strengthen the sequence in which to strengthen trim (side and top). To the last detail drawn attention because it is one of the main. This little guide will help for you without the help of others (and most importantly — skillfully and qualitatively) to cope with such work as the installation of casings.

Installation of roof windows

Here — a correspondence course training on mounting skylights "Roto". "Roto" on this day is one of the leading manufacturers of these products. Products of this office is based firmly on many markets. It has a number of advantages. For example, thanks to one unusual design solution, turning the box, the blade comes out. But this is only one of several solutions. Create these products made of plastic or wood type.
In this video clip, set out the sequence of installation of roof windows. The process of preparing the window opening are listed right materials, the right tools. Clarifies a number of important points that determine how long will serve as your window. Reveals the technological side mounting detail — from mounting angle irons to the frames to the rules laying down roofing material.

INSTALLATION Frames for windows

An ancient proverb says that the house should be like a fortress. In other words, he must first defend the property of the owner and his family members from various intruders, which is particularly pressing issues in our last, tumultuous time. In addition to the iron door, the apartment can perfectly protect and iron bars covering the windows.
Then learn how installed grid — grid which are more reliable, what materials will be needed to produce them, as do some spot welding details of what material should be made pins to last for a long time as part of the design, and, of course, as fix the construct in the lumen of the window. It is necessary to pay attention to what to do part of the work to create a grid and its installation may only qualified experts at (for example, it refers to the individual welding iron parts).


Sliding doors quite slowly, but evenly and properly becoming more popular. Compared with ordinary doors, they look more fashionable, modern and stylish. Maybe more aesthetically pleasing. These doors can be as different in design, color, design that can fit completely in whatever interior. Among their advantages also include ease of construction and simplicity of its installation. Also their safety. If the sliding door to associate with the ordinary, then using the first unrealistic, for example, opening a door for someone to hit or pinch your finger, which is important in this case, if you are living with a small child.
This presentation is absolutely opens the topic set of sliding doors. Then lists a number of tools, each of which is necessary for a successful installation of the doors. Revealed the entire sequence of the installation of sliding doors from the mounting rail, which is where the work begins, to check the operation of the door closing.


View this video clip to help you without the help of others and confident approach to such a complex case as setting the input of iron doors. At the same beginning to tell you about the necessary tools, because
it is the base at least some work. Note that when removing the need to protect the adjacent surface of the floor and walls from damage, and after the proceeding. The process of expanding the doorway indicates the correct course of action and the tools when working with which we should not forget about safety.
Before installing the doorway to prepare a solution. Video clip shows the process of mixing and application. Box mounted on the pins, their preparation and true installation as well described in detail. Further illustrates the process of hiding the gaps with a solution which was previously prepared. To preserve the appearance of the door, the contact with the substance were sealed with masking tape in advance. Ends with a step — the removal of adhesive tape and grout.

Installation of interior doors

While viewing this video you will get useful information about the proper installation of interior doors. The plot itself is well broken in pieces, that will allow you to understand the correct sequence of actions and not make any mistakes at work. Clearly shows the operation of the tools and their proper exploitation. A huge number of configuration tips will facilitate the installation of a separate door. For example, advice on the use of drills and training depressions for the screws that will not allow the cracking of the wood and leave the surface rovnenky. You can learn one hundred percent of the process of preparation and installation of the door frame, preventing the frequent errors such as incorrect poobobranny size and huge gaps.
Advice on the choice of foam and installation of locks and latches also be useful information for you. Clarification of sizes and shapes nails and screws will elect suitable for installation of interior doors. This applies particularly to mount casing. The introduction of additional tools and such as the level and the other, will allow you to achieve the perfect result in your work.


While viewing this video you will learn how to perfectly without the help of others to install plastic window. First you need to dismantle An old window and window box, and then prepare a place for work, clean the surface and flatten it. On the prepared base install a window box, using the work of the foam core and silicate glue. Installation Boxes should be done carefully and closely, because it is the foundation of the entire window. It is conducted using a drill and screws.
Box attached to the wall with screws. Voids and place neatly filled with foam. The subsequent step to work — setting the valves. If the window is high quality and made in accordance with all the standards, the installation difficulties should not appear. The slots are filled with sealant, which will allow to avoid drafts and the like. Fasten trim and design elements. Plastic box set!


Video clip say about castles and their right sidebar. From the very beginning of the clip we recommend the best installation height of the castle — more than 1 meter from the floor. This will ensure the greatest comfort. Of mandatory and basic step in the sidebar of the castle, is the application of the markings on the door and the door frame. Need to circle the size and make major label status. Next drilled holes for the handle and keyhole. Just clip is aware of the correct selection for training drills holes and some malehankih tricks.
For example, the fact that you can not drill through the door at once. It is necessary to take up the matter in a few steps, which are thoroughly demonstrated in the video. If the castle stood on the right place and the holes are the same, proceed to the fastening screws. Then you'll learn how to make a layout for the lock on the door frame to lock an exact match for the holes.

REMOVAL of old and installation of new INTERIOR DOORS

Video clip say about updating the interior door. Give tips on dismantling an old door frame and install the latest. The order of performance will help to rapidly and qualitatively achieve the desired result. The video clearly presents the dismantling of an old door and boxes, installing the latest box doors, mount casings, installing locks and handles. Since the dismantling of old times trims, you get important information about the proper and careful analysis of the door frame that will allow not to destroy the wall and minimize the effort when you install the latest door.
If you want to make your own interior flair, the fascinating idea of installing door panel is just what you need to. Consultation on the use of foam is very principled. We should not forget that when it dries significantly increased in volume, which can destroy the integrity of the door frame. Just bezotstupno recommend the use of dry bars, so the door is not deformed in the future.

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