World of repair (for house and land) watch online

World of repair (for house and land) watch online
In the video encyclopedia can be found virtually everything: production technology system works, gutter, water, electricity, windows, doors, bathrooms, device, partitions, doorways, leveling floors, walls, ceilings, the final finishing of the walls and floor, holding alarm, new technologies and modern materials, and much, much more. Wide Video material these discs will help to prepare for future work, right to choose the materials and carry out repairs.
For you to carefully show and tell how to select high-quality materials, parquet flooring, cork or laminate floor, ceiling or wall mount wall panels, as well as to remove the possible shortcomings and true care for the location after the repair.
Knowledge, acquired through this movie, posodeystvuyut qualified to negotiate with the control of the working team, to determine future work with the budget and avoid offensive mistakes!

HOME Of aerated with overlapping Whole PRC

Aerated concrete — still new enough material masonry, the main advantage of which — light weight with sufficient strength and thermal insulation. Aerated concrete blocks changed bricks at construction sites, using them you can quickly and easily build home
The video demonstrates how to correctly bind a grid of rebar before pouring concrete for the foundation and floors. Solid concrete used in the construction of high-rise buildings and long since replaced the concrete slabs that were used builders of the Soviet Union, more than 20 years ago. When pouring the concrete for the foundation and solid floors can not be broken monolithic structure, ie the entire area of overlap need to fill in one day. Makes for a solid concrete slabs used by B25 and higher …

Installation of reinforced concrete fence

Fence — It is not just fencing, is the protection of their own supplies from unnecessary intrusion and decoration. It is desirable that involved installing a fence master, but by placing a drop of suitable knowledge and experience, this work can cope and people who do not have the respective qualifications. One, of course, is unlikely to cope with such work, it requires a few more strong and experienced hands, and most importantly — possess appropriate knowledge. How to transport the concrete slab and the support for them?
In what sequence to do the work? What should be the pits for installation in their supporting pillars? What must comply with the distance between the bearing pillars? How do concreting solution for pouring the foundation of the fence? What needs to be done in order to fence held firmly? How can you decorate a fence? Watch this video clip, you can find out the correct, detailed answers to these questions and many others.

Installing clay tile

Then carefully outlines the process of installing clay tiles. Also here describes how to install gutters, pays great attention to the process of creation crates — a typical frame, which will be held tiles. Describes the sequence of installation of tile, how to give a beautiful view of the roof and how to install the latest shingles. Reveal some "secrets" to ensure proper installation of roofing material. What if during installation went deviation range? This question is also the answer is given.
If the climatic conditions in the area where these works are such that often a strong wind blows, this event should make their own adjustments to the work of laying the roof, which is also mentioned. The viewer will find out about what is different roof covering, which has no boardwalk. In addition, there are provided with information about the kinds of tiles. Revealed a host of other, more important points.

Installing a pitched roof

The fact that such a pitched roof, they know almost everything. At the same time, far not all know how to mount it. But someone this knowledge would be very needed. Partly fill such a gap in knowledge by viewing the video below suggested. Then carefully described thermo-physical processes that allow the cover to make a pitched roof insulation function. Without a cover in the winter cold was probably used not only in the attic, and, most likely, in many ways the house. The design of the roof thermal insulation will obviously not redundant. But it is important to know what suits far not every kind of thermal insulation and far not every method of its installation.
Improperly attached or matched thermal insulation may lead to working even result — reduced tempereratury in a residential area, and, as a consequence, to improve the embezzlement of heating. The consequence of incorrect installation teploizolyatsionnnogo layer may even become corroded tiles and other materials from which the ramp is installed.

Fence of corrugated

Evenly wood fences are part of history, leaving in the past. On the other hand, the fences of their profile sheets are increasingly protected the suburban areas. Their popularity is understandable their strength and durability, and their reasonable price, quick installation and decorative features. In your area of old fence from a tree? Do not expect until he falls apart, carry it yourself and bring in its place a new, corrugated steel sheeting.
Well, if you have enough knowledge on the topic "how to make a fence of corrugated", then you can help this video. After reviewing it, learn how to install a ground-bearing pillars, how to strengthen the framework for their future fence and gate, and was later strengthened by this design sheets trapezoidal sheet. The information here is served in the details — right up to what is said about what is necessary to use screws to attach sheeting.

FINISH "clapboard"

Construction of wood home owner can do it in a relatively small sum, on the condition that it will be built in accordance with the frame-obshivnoy technology ("lining"). Build a house on such technologies will allow not only save a significant amount of money, and to construct a building for a very small period of time. Type the foundation of the future house, built on such technology is dependent on the kind of soil on which it will build what they say carefully in this clip.
Also, viewing this video, you can find out about how to make a wood frame house that needs to be done to ensure that the frame was strong and robust, what method should handle this framework, how do trim frame what materials for this purpose may be applied, what should be a thermal insulator in the cavity wall.

INSTALLATION attic stairs

If a couple of years back someone with no corresponding Prof. abilities, showed the desire to construct Backboard ladder, then it would be worth aggressively discouraged from that idea. But those days are behind, and advanced technologies in the field of construction have evolved so that now the two men, having by certain knowledge and compared a small set of tools that are fully capable to cope with this type of operation.
Of knowledge that would be required to implement this operation, can be gleaned from this video. Specifically, you will learn how to gather the design of the assembly modules. Here the leading offers detailed drawings of such ladders with an explanation of the features of its design. Describes the preliminary step. We show the process of the construction of the stairs.

Installation of the base block

Foundation — Is that part of the structure, which must hold a special strength, and means must be constructed of durable materials. So reliable material can be the foundation blocks. The construction of these units profitably differs from solid foundation construction speed, ease of construction. Specifically because such foundations are increasingly began to be erected. They are used in the construction of single-storey buildings and the construction of high-rise.
Here is a summary on the construction of the foundation of the special units. We give a detailed description of a preliminary step works. Reveals the secrets of growth carrying capacity of the foundation. This work made by means of a crane and a minimum of 2-3 people, the guide block. Also mentions how reinforced blocks.

Siding Installation

Setting the horizontal siding is used to make the final appearance of the house, its cladding and decoration. There are a number of types of trims. They can be internal and external. This video tells about installing siding. In it, you look for the description of the compounds with a detailed description of the work required to get the desired result. There is also an angular radius slats that are not like the standard universal angle.
In the video showing her appearance. Choice of angles depends on your desires and preferences. Now you can start siding. Installation is with the rear of the house, moving to the front. Just note that the rows of panels are installed in the same direction. If necessary, cut panels, you need to measure out the right size and cut their grinder. Series under the eaves of the last locked.

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