World repairs (plumbing installation) watch online

World repairs (plumbing installation) watch online
In the video encyclopedia can be found virtually everything: production technology system works, gutter, water, electricity, windows, doors, bathrooms, device, partitions, doorways, leveling floors, walls, ceilings, the final finishing of the walls and floor, holding alarm, new technologies and modern materials, and much, much more. Extensive video material data disks will be ready for upcoming work, right to choose the materials and carry out repairs.
For you to carefully show and tell how to select high-quality materials, parquet flooring, cork or laminate floor, ceiling or wall mount wall panels, as well as to remove the possible shortcomings and true care for the location after the repair.
Knowledge, acquired through this movie, posodeystvuyut qualified to negotiate with the control of the working team, to determine future work with the budget and avoid offensive mistakes!


In this video clip, you can get information about how to install a toilet. You must first prepare the materials and workplace. First step — marking plates for the anchor bolts which will keep the whole structure. Need tips video: that the drill is not "dancing", you should first make a small recess with a narrow nozzle to the drill. Corrugation mounted on the outlet tube pan. It is comfortable to use thanks to its structure and shape. Installing the wall corrugation — a very important point! It can not be put on the glue.
Final installation toilet to ensure the correctness and density connecting water sources. Mounting bolts are tightened. Before the final assembly of the remaining parts to check for toilet leaks. If everything works correctly, then after that you can install a tank cover, press the drain unit and the toilet seat.

HOW TO INSTALL AND elect a shower enclosure

Video clip will speak about selecting and installing a shower enclosure. It has many advantages over the bathroom, especially taking into account the high-spirited pace of our lives. Cabs are completely different. Specialists advise to determine the size and dimensions before you choose a booth. On some showers are panels treated with soundproofing material. Some prefer to have a shower corner, it is in the pallet and only two walls. Specifically attached to a corner bathroom. Pallets are also different. More popular — acrylic.
This material is made cabin wall. They are high-strength, environmentally harmless and not susceptible to damage from water. Apart from the acrylic walls are made of glass and plastic. In addition to the built-in showers mass additions such as massage, sauna, shower and even a phone. Cabins with bath functions have an upper lid that holds and maintains the temperature of the steam inside the shower.


First, the video offers you the tools you need for installing the toilet. Such as an electric drill with a hammer, a set of drill bits, hammer, silicone, screwdrivers and more. Carefully outline their function and application. To install you must first mark the position of the toilet, and the need to precisely align with the wall and mark the position of the marker anchor bolts. Further openings are made. They are produced by Sverdlov. The surface treated with silicone gasket. Repeat the same operation with the pipe bowl. This will provide sealing great.
Set the pan in accordance with pre-drilled holes and insert the bolts. For the best connection with the toilet floor is recommended to treat this place with silicone. Then follow the hose connect the locking device and a working toilet tank valve. The last steps — a demonstration of the cover and the toilet cistern button.


This video is responsible for the installation of plumbing, namely the bathroom. For this purpose the right set of tools, among which gun for silicone, screwdrivers, ratchet head, adjustable wrench, and more. The video is advised to verify the metal cup sinks. When buying a basin can check an outlet portion, taking the magnet. If the cup is not attracted, it is stainless steel. Next to the reception siphon tube installed gasket and twists to the set outlet portion, then it is attached to the body of the siphon.
Next step — the markup for setting bowl wash basin on foot on the wall with anchor bolts. Mark for bolts should be clear. In the ready-made holes screwed bolts. Now you can assemble the entire structure. It remains only to establish the production of sewer pipe. Anchor bolts supporting the sink should be perfectly tightened. Ends with a step — a supply of water and filling the gaps with silicone.


Video gives tips on installing a bathtub. The process is not very difficult, but asks special attention. One of the most important rules — compliance with major horizontal upper edges of the tub. This can be achieved by using the adjustable feet and level. According to the instructions, loosened the retaining nut wrench to the correct length to the time until the level is not clear.
Roller recommends firmly strengthen the bath, so it does not "walked". This can be achieved by attaching its two sides in the wall. In the wall of prodalblivaetsya Grooves. This is done using the perforator. It placed the edge of a bathtub. The last step — mounting hardware.

Installation of water meters

Video clip begins with the fact that we show the structure of the method of assembly of a water meter. Clearly show any detail, and provides a clear description of it. Principal observation is that in the current period details such as mechanical cleaning of the filter and the valve stroke are the working condition of mandatory technical installation of the meter. Collect items made by the scheme, but some details are scheduled arrow. They indicate the direction of water flow. Details are going in the direction of water flow. As can be seen, for the correct operation of the unit is necessary that the direction of the arrows coincide.
When selecting the shut-off valve advise flag is not set, and rychazhkovy. Filter plays an important role in the overall scheme. Means its output of pollution and similar. Because if you have expensive plumbing equipment and bad water quality, it is recommended to clean the narrow filter with replaceable cartridge. This will ensure the long life of your hardware. The installation of the water meter in the assembly of the ordinary and does not require much effort or special abilities.


Water filters — devices acquiring the immense popularity. There are two main types of these devices (the "coarse" and "fine" cleaning). Unlike filters "fine filter" is that their design is more complex than those that make the "coarse" cleaning. And in addition, the first used to filter water from the rank-and-eye pollutants, while the latter are designed for filtration of larger suspended solids (eg sand). It says about how to collect from the individual parts and install a filter that "fine" cleaning.
First, here we show how to build a water filter that performs a narrow mechanical cleaning. Facilitator shows this process in detail, gathering device, which had been previously analyzed for, says that is done to prevent leaking. Through this detailed description, though what will be able to repeat the same act, without the help of others gathered such a device.


Dishwasher is increasingly occurs in the kitchens of modern apartments (and not only in apartments). It allows you to spend less time housewives such, in general, unpleasant work, like washing dishes and table devices. There are three main types of dishwashers devices, one of which will be discussed and in this clip. Here we show how to install a dishwasher in this way, that she was in a strictly horizontal position, how to connect this unit to a drain, which is best suited hoses to connect to the gutter.
Also, there'll learn about how and where to get the dishwasher, which would have served for a long time. There does not ignore the theme of safety. Namely, stating what to be the best current at which the device will work. This video is worth looking at as a spice in this case, and malosveduschim in such matters. But is all the same to recall that such work should only deal with the wizard.


One of the most important parts of sanitary ware in each bath, a kitchen mixer. There are several kinds of it. Here, in this clip, it will go about one of them, very ordinary. Here, look for information on what is necessary to direct attention to exercising the purchase tap, what better pads, and the dependence between the size of the sink and podvodok the material from which it is better not to take the taps.
Leading specifies how to assemble the individual parts of the mixer, explains why it is better to avoid when assembling the device. Specifies how to connect to the sink faucet is collected and how to reinforce the unit with mixer tap in the worktop, what materials to use for good fastening. Closely reviewing this small allowance, though what will be able to cope perfectly with the installation of the mixer — in the bathroom or kitchen.


Washing — is a fundamental element of plumbing. From how fast and perfectly it fits in the table top and from the manner in which it is connected with other parts plumbing, depends how it will work, its appearance and much more. Certainly, it is best to entrust the installation spice business. But in order to install the unit, though not necessarily cause "a man for an hour." With the right materials rather have suitable knowledge mounting technology.
The proposed video — is a detailed manual for self-installation of a sink. Then learn what needs to be done to prevent water in the interior of the countertop, how to connect a sink with water and sewer systems, how to mount mixer how to perform additional sealing of the device — in general, here you will find all the details of the installation process, washing and not only .


Acrylic tubs have a number of advantages — for example, the water in them cools slowly comparable in their gryazyuka and dust does not accumulate, their ergonomic shape, the surface does not allow them to slip, resistant to all kinds of corrosion, easy to install and do not change color when exposed to proper public -that matter. If you are going to install acrylic bathtub for you is to get acquainted with the proposed lower roller. In this video presentation describes in detail the sequence of the entire installation process bath.
Did not pass a step of preparation for this work. Also indirectly referred to the necessary materials that will be required during installation. This benefit is most vivid concise (just short of naming species work + nice pictures that show the process), which makes the perception of knowledge. It is worth it to view.

Installation of polypropylene pipes

Polypropylene Pipes — Plumbing view that on this day, gaining immense popularity due to a number of its own properties, such as durability, resistance to a wide range of temperature, ease of installation, etc. Connect polypropylene parts, usually by welding. After reviewing the video, you can learn basic information about how to do a weld fittings and polypropylene tubing.
Reveals the techniques of working with special welding machine, created to connect polypropylene tubes as mark and crop polypropylene tube for her upcoming treatment, what other tools should be used to prepare parts for welding and how to control the quality of the welded joint between the fitting and the pipe. About all this explains laconically and clear.


Boiler — it's special device, created in order to heat the water, in most cases, contains within itself the source of heat. It is also referred to as a water heater. The proposed video contains information on how to install the boiler. It is shown a diagram of this device and the plumbing system in which it comes. Is explained on the basis of this scheme, the mechanism of the above apparatus, with all this attention is paid to each individual detail system. Attention is paid to every point regarding the boiler operation including on such details: how to avoid burnout antenna how to fill water boiler, etc.
Provides detailed information to help you install a boiler. As for the 5 minutes leading works only with the circuit device, and then focusing on its individual parts.

Cleaning the boiler

Boiler (in other words, water heater) — a device which is used to heat the water. Like many other parts plumbing, needs cleaning after repeating a certain period of its operation (many believe that it is a period of 5-6 years). Usually, during this period of time the device collects so many evil spirits that untimely cleansing can even affect the operation of the assembly. I
n particular, in principle fit to change the anode rod.
On the video clip shows how to clean the boiler with a displacement of 100 liters., Who worked for 5 years. Leading briefly states on how to mount the device, clean the parts of it, but, unfortunately, for all that he was not paying much attention to the description of all these processes (although the main points he refers). The main "highlight" video — featuring the cleaning process. It is necessary to look to each holder of such devices.

Washing machine

After the acquisition of the latest washing machines remains true to install it on the new site, which, of course, is dependent on several factors — the type of room, washing machine models. It would seem that there is nothing in this predicament, and the process as simple as possible. But to install a washing machine — it's not just put it at the wall, there are some important rules that must be observed when installing this unit.
After reviewing the proposed video clip below, you will learn how to install the machine so that she did not rocked during her eksptuatatsii, what to do with a hose, at what height above the floor should be fixed this hose, what are the essential conditions for the smooth operation of the washing machine. Leading thoroughly ignorant of hoses for washing machines, also the requirements for an outlet through which the machine will be connected to the network.

Installation of sewerage systems

Gutter in the suburban home — is one of the important criteria of comfort and hygiene in the home. Improperly functioning gutter can cause local contamination protection, which is fraught with health home residents and their neighbors (one common example: the slop sink in the open bud — pollution of groundwater waters — A negative impact on the quality of well water with all). Out of the situation — the introduction of good-quality cleaning sewer systems stokov.Upravlyayuschy building office gives depth and complete consultation on all issues related to the installation and operation of a suburban sewer. He knows about the relationship between water supply and sewage ditch. Aware of how waste water can be recycled, the types of sewer systems (including on the most effective of them), how they work, their associates among themselves, knows as their pros and cons about.

Repairs, Construction, Design — apartments, cottages, etc.

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