World repairs (walls), watch online

World repairs (walls), watch online
In the video encyclopedia can be found virtually everything: production technology system works, gutter, water, electricity, windows, doors, bathrooms, device, partitions, doorways, leveling floors, walls, ceilings, the final finishing of the walls and floor, holding alarm, new technologies and modern materials, and much, much more. Extensive video material data disks will be ready for upcoming work, right to choose the materials and carry out repairs.
For you to carefully show and tell how to select high-quality materials, parquet flooring, cork or laminate floor, ceiling or wall mount wall panels, as well as to remove the possible shortcomings and true care for the location after the repair.
Knowledge, acquired through this movie, posodeystvuyut qualified to negotiate with the control of the working team, to determine future work with the budget and avoid offensive mistakes!

Interior walls, brickwork

So, as brick has a relatively large proportion of it can be used for concrete floor. First on rovnenky be marked on the floor and laid with brick row starter, followed by a check with the flatness of the level of directness outline of the first row and stretch the guide lines on them will settle down after a series of brick, as brick laying — the guide lines are constantly climb. Strength of the brick structure would surely made solution. Grout consists of 5 pieces yellowish building sand and cement in which one grist rate of 1 liter. 2 kg. consistency of sand and cement.
Work with the laying of bricks asks accuracy, distance between the stones should not exceed 100mm. After laying bricks slightly podstukivayut and take unnecessary solution, aligning on the stretched lines. The bricks are stacked in order of chess, where needed half brick, split it. No need to prepare solution of supplies, because he is eligible for use in the course of 2 hours. Do not use very watery solution, it will not give the desired strength of the partition being built. In the day you can put no more than 9-12 rows of bricks, because it may be buckling walls. Each row must be inspected by the level of both the horizontal and vertical position.

Installation of decorative walls of plasterboard on metal FRAME

Materials for: gypsum and iron structures. For starters, you need to frame, which is made of metallic profiles. Drywall — lover stuff all the builders of it you can actually do it all: design, arches, they smooth out the walls, ceilings, and also he is very flexible and environmentally soilless that fundamentally for those who have kids.
Drywall is cut very simply, this requires a ruler and nozhychek. We carry a knife, then make up something under one side and a light blow his llama, flip the drywall knife and hold on to the place where he was broke. After the prepared sheet of drywall suitable shape, fasten it to a special self-tapping steel constructions. Once the wall is done, is necessary to do work finishing.

INSTALLATION drywall partitions

Plasterboard are used as the building envelope in different rooms. For example, in most cases they are used for the construction of the wall between the bathroom and other rooms in the apartments. Then carefully explains how one such system partitions, about what time it is best to do to install it, under what criteria, how to prepare for installation (layout, preparation of special rack profiles, etc.)
How to strengthen the special profiles which method mark, cut, strengthen (in profile) and connect the plasterboard as putty them, create doorways and openings for electronic boxes, which tools should be used in the process. Carefully revealed all the methods of creation drywall partitions. The roller will help in the development of such structures.


The iron rails that let you quickly level the surface freshest layer of plaster, screed called. Specifically they can smooth out the surface, spending on it in such a beacon, and you can do it for earlier fixing them to the wall. There can behold how this should be done. I must say that there are several methods to install them. But the method that is proposed here is better, easier and more convenient.
Compared with the conventional method of installation, the amount of travel time — four times less. Here we show how to prepare the wall for earlier how to install special brackets for lighthouses, and in the end how to fix their own beacons. All of this is presented and thoroughly accessible.

Development of plasterboard work

Video clip will help develop the technology plasterboard work. From the very beginning of the clip to your attention a list of tools needed to work with this material. Among them, cutter, tape measure, level, knife and others. The product, taken as one of the samples of work for the video — a partition made of plasterboard with a shell on an iron frame. Next to the attention of some kinds of sheets of drywall with a description of the areas of the use of the major benefits. The following article — mounted design. It must be emphasized that, for each product use different profiles, screws, etc. regardless of the difficulties and the location of the structure. Plasterboard can be made various decorative shapes.
To do this with a very watered lips are making on the surface of the material effect of "mirrors". Now you can transform it. After drying drywall vorachivaetsya in its original condition. So one can not only forms the jagged parts or curly, and combined.

Construction of walls

Video will say about the ability of the construction of various types of walls. In residential areas, they can be made of plasterboard, reddish brick construction, cellular concrete. For example take the construction of the wall of reddish porous brick. Should be laid right on the preparatory markup. After the first series of calculations to test them with the level. If masonry rovnenkaya, you need to pull the sling, which will settle down after a row. Strength of the construction is dependent on the solution. Video clip will help to make the right solution, using the right-measured proportions.
It is also not recommended to do a lot of the solution, because it is eligible to work exclusively in the first couple of hours. In order to remove the excess solution on top of a brick is tapped. Do not forget about the level by which to inspect each row. The bricks are laid in rows in a staggered manner.

The cutting Grooves

In this video you will learn how to correctly and perfectly cut Grooves. To do this, you have to come in handy the next tools: a level marker, Wall Chaser, tape measure, hammer. Grooves — ducts for wiring in the room. Very basically be careful when such work. The wiring runs along the ceiling, is especially important gentle work in the kitchen. Install outlet should be at a good height from the floor and placed exactly at the height of the furniture. Next start working with Wall chaser. He is a grinder with an attached vacuum cleaner. Recess for future outlets.
In the video advised not worried about a little largish cut, because after installing all the sockets is processed and will be hidden there. After that, take a jackhammer. We work with them as shown in the video. Very hollow wall is not necessary, because it can significantly destroy its integrity. Then you can lay down the wiring.


After installation of the window frame to complete the cross slope. This video tells about the right approach to this type of operation. Spoiling frame is undesirable because it is wrapped and save up for a while works. Vertical slopes are installed on the planned advance marks. They need to constantly check the levels to prevent distortion in the future. The interaction of concrete and the walls will be provided in the best way, if you use the advice and soak derailed a weak concrete substance. In order to meet the upper slope, you need to fill in the grid material, pushing him into it, it will provide a bonding grid to the surface and reinforce the slope.
Excess concrete on slopes to clean up with tools, but do not forget that it should be strictly at 90 degrees to the window sill. After working with slopes they are stripped and removed auxiliary wood lath.


View a video clip tells about the main types of plastering and their execution. First asked to read a list of used items. Among them level, putty, plaster, concrete mix, and more. This video directly address the plaster walls of concrete consistency. For rovnenky and smooth surface is proposed to use beacons. They need to move away from the wall to see a couple of Beacon is to be put up right before the drying of the solution. With the installation check the level in the 2-directions — vertical and horizontal. Using annotations to prepare a concrete mix.
Sketching it must be because it is shown in the video. It should not be too watery to hold onto the wall. Rule leveling compound over the entire surface until such time as it froze. Shortages consistency added with a spatula. Such a mixture dries more than 10 days before the start on its surface to carry out the finishing work.

Lock and curly Parts of plasterboard

This video shows you how to make curly elements of plasterboard. These tools will help you to find everything you need for the job. After that, begin to work with sheets of drywall. We would like to give it shape. Sheet should first soak about 8-10 minutes until a "mirror." After drying, the material takes its original state, remaining deformed. Bending the sheet is harvested by early pattern. After giving plasterboard want to shape it is fixed and allowed to dry for 24 hours.
Arches, vaults, and other petals are made specifically by this method. For the production of polygonal shapes in the video recommend use sheets with v-shaped grooves, which after milled. This allows you to wring after sheet of drywall on both sides, with all this without damaging it.


All modern grouting have a similar basis and are applicable to the wall, as well as for the floor tiles have a variety of colors. Choose an appropriate color scheme, the mixture is diluted with water in the tank according to the annotation on the package. After manufacturing consistency, it should not be too watery. With a rubber spatula mixture is applied to the seam between the plates. Carefully apply the mixture, the greater the consistency will enter into the joint, the better and stronger the grout will be performed. After drying consistency sponge soaked in soapy substance, wipe the surface of the tile, wiping the remnants of consistency.

Repairs, Construction, Design — apartments, cottages, etc.

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