Wreath Memory: Vitaly Silitski

June 11 to 39-year life from serious illness, died political analyst Vitaly Silitski. This was announced by his brother Paul Silitski.

Vitaly Silitski born December 25, 1972. Doctor of Political Science.

He graduated from the Belarusian State University, the sociologist. He studied at the Central European University (Budapest, Hungary), where he received a Master of Political Science, in Ratgerskim University (New Jersey, USA), which received a doctorate in political science.

Chief editor of the online newspaper "Naviny.by" Alexander Klaskouski recalls:

Alexander Klaskouski

"We met with Vitaly SILITSKIY in 2002, when the plant is in the news agency BelaPAN new business — creating online newspaper" Naviny.by ". We needed the authors who deeply know the policy, but would be writing in journalism — a light, witty good style. And then very young Political Science Silitski Vitali, who received his education and his Ph.D. from Europe and the United States, became our regular contributor. And not without Vitali Silitski "Naviny.by" became one of the most popular Internet resources in Belarus. If Vitali founded the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, he continued to work commentator. extremely interesting and wrote in "Our Niva." Vitali was able to catch the essence of the event, and metaphorically, aptly comprehend it, it combines scientific talent and talent publicist. Vitaly Silitski educating the whole plyayadu young Belarusian political scientists — Dennis Melyantsova, Alexei Pikulik, Yuri Chausova.

Yuri Chausov said Mr. Silitski landmark figure precisely because Belarus Silitski studied political science in the context of the world of science:

Yuri Chausov

"Vitaly Silitski — generation of political scientists who came to the Belarusian political science at the time of independence. Artistic heritage Silitski unprecedented. I was familiar with the articles, texts Silitski, learned from them, but I personally met with Vitali on Novogrudsky festival of ancient culture. He was a man , who missed the problems, not only through the brain of a scientist, but also through the heart, was indifferent to the fact that the studies are not indifferent to the fate of Belarus. Moreover, Vitaly sought to explore the reality, and then to make scientific conclusions. he — the leader of scientific analysis.

Another student political analyst Vitaly Silitski Andrew Kazakevitch confirms:

Andrew Kazakevitch

"It was one of the most integrated into the global community of political scientists. Vitali received a good education in Western universities, it was from that generation palitolegav who thoroughly knew English and were able to conduct a dialogue with scientists from the U.S. and Europe."

Belarus lost for this year several iconic figures, shapes and Political Philosophy — Svetlana Naumov, Vladimir Conon, and now — Vitaly Silitski. "

Vitaly Silitski long led the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS). A colleague in the shop analyst Vladimir Mackiewicz says:

Vladimir Mackiewicz

"Vitaly Silitski was outstanding, very prominent figure in the Belarusian political science space. He received an excellent education, has become an authoritative analyst. Heading BISS, he had ensured that the institution has become one of the largest analytical structures of Belarus. Vitali, moreover, was very active and sociable person. He was in a difficult relationship with peers — often argued with them, and criticized. But he was extremely useful and interesting debate. We have suffered a great loss — the opponent has disappeared, due to which there are interesting, adjusted, informed views on the Belarusian issue . "

Specialist in literature Alexander Fyaduta admitted that he had lost his most interesting opponent:

Alexander Fyaduta

"Vitaly Silitski was the man with whom it was nice to argue. He could always hear arguments companion and very articulate their own arguments. These qualities are almost lost in the Belarusian public space.

I personally will miss Vitaly precisely because it will not argue with anyone. Quarrel — there is nobody, but the bet — no … "

Parting with Vitali SILITSKIY held on Monday, June 13 from 11:00 to 14:00 at the House of funeral services (STR. Olszewski, 12).

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