Zauralskaya horses implanted electronic chips

Electronic devices for RFID use in farm animals began Shadrinsk area. The first was held chipping horses at the local tribal stud. As noted in the department of agriculture in the region, more recently, the use of microarrays applied isklyuchitelno for marking industrial goods, exotic, zoo and small pets traveling with the owners of the world, according to

Shadrinskoe veterinarians believe that in a rapidly developing market relations of our country's accession to the WTO, there is a problem saving epizootic environment of the region. Indeed, import and export, and can only be healthy — examined and vaccinated animals, the presence of genuine supporting documents — veterinary, breeding certificates and so on.

Another important question is, who decides to electronic identification of farm animals — is simplify the search in case of loss.

As the head of GBU "Shadrinsk District station to fight animal diseases" Gennady Ufimtsev to solve these problems at the beginning of 2013 at the tribal stud "Lufia" was held chipping of horses, which are municipal property. The initiator of chipping made by the head district Vladimir Osokin, and funding for the project was carried out at the expense of the local budget.

Vladimir Osokin sure that e-chipping meets all modern requirements. This — the impossibility of fraud, guarantee preservation of the room for the entire life of the animal, the impossibility of its loss and fraud that will allow farms to carry out 100% registration of livestock, especially of breeding animals, and clearly monitor the health of the herd.

The selection of the type of electron and delivery takes of "Lufia Zoovetsnab." It was important to find a device that would satisfy all the requirements: matching money, reliability, availability, a method of introducing a microchip and reading. The cost of a single chip was 190 rubles, Scanner — 55 thousand rubles.

Now in the plan to introduce compulsory electronic tagging of microchips breeding cows and pigs.

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