Zelenodolsky factory passed the head of the project tanker RST25 Almetevsk

March 15, 2013 Zelenodolsky Plant. AM Gorky passed the head (at the plant) craft project RST25 "Almetevsk" (building number 271).

Zelenodolsky Plant. AM Gorky is a part of the holding company "Ak Bars". Customer tanker series of river-sea going vessels of the two is the "Nafta-Invest". Financed by the "Ak Bars Leasing." 
RST25 craft project was based on the Russian River Register class M-SP 4.5 (Ice 40) A EKO3.
When designing a project tankers RST25 considered the special requirements of Russian and international oil companies and environmental requirements in the Russian River Register of IVF 3 ("CLEAN DESIGN" in the designation DNV).
For the first time in a Russian class was assigned a project tanker RST22, built in 2008.
Vessels designed for mixed (river-sea) and sea transportation in bulk crude oil and petroleum products, including gasoline, without restrictions for flash, ensuring transportation of cargo to maintain the temperature of 50 ° C. Provides simultaneous transport of two kinds of cargo.
A distinctive feature of the ship project RST25 is use as single means of movement and management of full-circle steerable propellers, no longitudinal bulkhead in CL, using submersible pumps, the complete absence set the tanks developed trunk of.
Court satisfy the dimensions of the Volga-Don Canal and Volga — Baltic Way. Overall length of the vessel RST25 project is 139.99 m, breadth — 16.6 m, depth — 5.5 m
Vessels belong to tankers "Volga-Don max" class.
In comparison with a series of "Armada" tanker new project have reinforced river function, increased by 410 tonnes deadweight in river conditions while maintaining the features in the sea.
Capacity of six cargo tanks and two slop tanks of 6990 cubic meters. m, deadweight — about 6610 tons with a draft 4.17 m, with river draft 3,60 m — about 5130 tons, cruising speed — 10.5 knots.
As the main engines are two medium-speed diesels to 1200 kW, operating on heavy fuel oil with a viscosity of IFO380.
Endurance — 20 days.
The crew of 12 people (14 seats).
The lead ship of the project RST25 by JSC "Zelenodolsky Plant. Gorky" Almetevsk "(building number 271) was laid 22.04.11. Descent held 13.06.12. Surrender — 15.03.2013.

The second ship of the project RST25 by JSC "Zelenodolsky Plant. Gorky" Bavli "(building number 272) was laid 23.06.11. Descent held 07.09.12.

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