Zelenograd before Skolkovo called the Silicon Valley

Zelenograd before Skolkovo called the "Silicon Valley." But nanotcenter Zelenograd, which was established in 2010 at the Institute of Electronic Technology, Moscow, not only works with electronics. Now there are different projects of innovation: the genome, accelerating cell reproduction for vaccines, the search for defects of rail, wastewater treatment and release 3Dprinterov for home use.

One of the most promising projects related to the issuesread the genetic code,
or sequencing. Deciphering the sequences of nucleotides (structural units of RNA and DNA chains), will give physicians the ability to assign individual patient treatments and better understand in what situations may increase the risk of cancer and, vascular disease and diabetes. The main objective of improving the accuracy of decoding. The four main nucleotides are secondary himmodifikatsii, today they are more than two hundred. Semiconductor and optical technologies can not recognize them. Alternative can be found in a combination of scanning probe microscopy and Raman spectroscopy, and then it will be possible to determine the composition of nucleic acids using a combination of light scattering effect. Speech about the study of substances on subnanourovne, because only one-third the length of the nucleotide nanometer. 

Our task is to remove the spectra of individual molecules in such a way to read the DNA and RNA — said Philip Kapranov, a researcher of the Washington Institute of St. Lawrence. — The better insight into the functioning of healthy kletkot program, the greater the understanding of the processes in the patient, and the more chances will be highly disease diagnosis and prediction for courses of treatment.

The second promising project — the acceleration of cell proliferation biomass using carbon nanotubes.

— When a new flu virus physicians need to invent new drugs and vaccinate. And then speed is of particular importance — says Roman Morozov, Director of NIOBIS and graduate student of MIET. — The layer of cells, which is necessary for the study, is formed immediately. You should expect a day or two. You can speed up the process by using an electric field — is a stimulant of cell growth. Earlier graphite electrodes were inserted into the medium where cells multiply, and we came up with a way to sum up the electric potentials directly to the membranes of cells by modifying the carbon nanotubes cover glasses. So now you can do without a solution. Electricity goes directly into the cells. They breed in this operation to two percent faster. In the future, you can improve the technology so that you can use it to vaccine manufacturers in industrial scale.

The most successful project to date to nanotechnology to do. This3Dprinter Picaso, that allows you to print in house plastic models.

Eugene Chaplygin, head of the department of investments in Zelenograd nanocenter, expressed the hope that by the Moscow government will help to equip the unit classes of schools for lessons on science, work and art classes. We just need to slightly modify the current model of the printer to protect young people from the heating elements.

to the director of the nanotechnology center Anatoly Kovalev put over-ambitious task: to create two start-ups. Number seems daunting, but if you break it down into twelve geographic points, then believe that this can be done. Active stage now at sixty projects — told Ruslan Titov, representative of the "RUSNANO". In his words to the level of know-how, not all will survive, but the risk is justified since created a live business environment.

Konstantin Fokin, director of the Center for Innovative Development of the capital, has expressed solidarity with a colleague: the country is doomed to the introduction of high technology.

Grow a future innovative industry, he said simply, the officials do not want to just get in the way. However, here's how to make sure that bureaucratic processes do not mix with innovative, yet no one knows.

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