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One of the largest in Russia and the second power in the Far East. Zeya hydroelectric power station plays a special role in the Far East power system, ensuring its proper functioning. Hydroelectric regulates the frequency of the power to regulate daily and weekly uneven loads.
1. Spillway. Maximum height of the dam is 115.5 m, crest length 714m.

Zeya HPP opened the history of big hydro power in the Far East 35 years ago. Zeya hydroelectric complex is built in a harsh climate, is original in design and unique technical solution. Organically flowing into the national grid of the Far East, the company provides power supply to the developing industry in the region.

The building has 6 hydroelectric power plant with a total capacity of 1,330 MW, the average annual production of 4,910 million kilowatt hours In the Far East, the power Zeya hydroelectric power station has recently been surpassed only by Bureyskaya, which will also be a story.

Zeya hydropower plant has a number of unique features. Hydroelectric dam has a height of 115.5 m massively buttress design — its stability is ensured not only the weight of structures, but also a focus at the base of special retaining structures — buttresses. Another highlight of the station — its turbines. Zeya hydropower plant, Russia's first with diagonal hydraulic turbines. Such turbines structurally more complex than the usual radial-axial, but it can work effectively with large variations in pressure.
2. Zeya reservoir hydropower plant is also one of the largest in Russia

No less important than the generation of electricity, the function of the Zeya hydroelectric station is to protect the Amur from the catastrophic floods that cause huge damage (for example, in the 1928 flood on Zee, which lasted about two months, has led to the flooding of 160 settlements, including parts of Blagoveshchensk ). With a capacious reservoir, Zeya hydropower plant copes with this task.
3. July 19, 2007 the inflow into the reservoir of the Zeya hydropower plant reached 15 200kub. m / s — in fact in the valley of the Zeya formed a catastrophic flood that happens once in 250 years. Reservoir flood cut the plant three times and saved the below lying settlements from imminent destruction.

4. Another fun feature — a colony of ground squirrels living in the territory of the Zeya hydroelectric station.

5. The closures


7. Risks at the spillway

8. View from the top of the dam


10. With a gantry crane on the crest, we can estimate the water level difference created by the dam


12. "Track" spillway

13. Windows machine hall

14. Both the turbine building inside. Currently undergoing renovation of one of the hydraulic units. This allowed to get inside the volute


16. Mine


18. Cathead

19. From the mine hydro-

20. And so we find ourselves in a spiral chamber, the starting point — a place where the water spins the turbine. Difficult to imagine the scale of what is happening here the process, when the generator.

21. The diameter of pipeline and its interface with the volute nearly 8m

22. Water pipeline Zeya HPP

23. The device of the Zeya hydroelectric power plant. Above is the generator, turbine and bottom volute.

24. Heel of hydro — a place where you can see the rotor. People at the time of the generator inside a forbidden, but if yo
u really want it, you can not for long :) speed of this colossus 136.4 rpm

25. Clearer picture can only be video.


27. Between glide and volute

28. But the most interesting — is the internal space of the dam.

29. Expense that massively buttress dam (what is the moat of the dam?), Inside she has a lot of empty space.
On the lower floors is quite damp, is a slight haze and smells like Metrostroi.


31. "Floors", of which there are 6!


33. Gloomy gallery

34. Chain from the old quay, which was destroyed in 2007, the most powerful floods

35. GES-enabled festive lights.

36. Zeya

37. Transformers

38. Small and unexpected bonus for us was the last day of the trip was an abandoned tower on the hill near the power plant.

39. To reach the tower had to wade through the dense forest

40. But the views are worth it.

Thank RusHydro for organizing such an impressive trip. Thank you russos-y, and the guys from SibFM Taygi.Info for good company :)

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