ZIL gaining seven thousand revolutions per year

In February, dealers will come to Moscow ZIL — this will be the first meeting of sellers with the manufacturer for two years. The company launched a pipeline in August. The plant has received support from the Government of Moscow, but the work is constructed as an ordinary commercial enterprise: it is necessary to seek a niche in the market and think about favorable conditions for consumer purchase.

"The plant has accumulated debt of 15 billion rubles., The working week was less than three days, while it was a question about the bankruptcy of the company and the dismissal of 5.5 million workers. But despite the severe financial costs, we decided to resume the operation of the company, with the help of the city we have covered part of the debts and not given to bankrupt ZIL ", — said Sergey Sobyanin, speaking in Moscow City Council in October. During the crisis, the plant did not cut staff and had to develop a strategy for the start of production.

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This year, the ZIL has collected about 2 million cars. Next year, the plan — 7 thousand cars. "You could say that 4.5 million of them have already been ordered by dealers who cooperate with the plant," — said Alexander Voronkovich, deputy general director of OOO "Zilavtotehnologiya." It helped some circumstances, for example, the factory presented their products at the exhibition "Comtrans" so that consumers saw: ZIL back on the market. And those who waited ordered cars finally got them.

In addition, the company abandoned the previous practice of sales: dealer previously paid up to 100% of the value of manufacturing and waited for her to three months. The Principal of the profits lost because he was forced to take the credit for your order and wait for delivery, due to the crisis, not all buyers are generally got the car. Now prepayment is standard 10-20% depending on the volume of orders. After the crisis, the ZIL remained 48 partners, they have been previously authorized dealers "ZIL", and are now working in the status of a simple seller.

Dealer standards have developed, they will be approved and submitted by February as part of a dealer conference. At that time, in addition to the status of authorized dealer earn leasing programs and financing for buyers, says Mr. Voronkovich, discussions are underway with a number of commercial structures. The plant knows where to look for a buyer. "It should pull in 60-80 km from Moscow, and the quality of fuel is another. Foreign cars in road repair and demanding on the quality of diesel and ZIL win at the expense of maintainability and adaptability to the Russian standards ", — says Mr. Voronkovich.

Buyers place orders even in the Far East. Although, of course, there is great competition of Chinese manufacturers and orders are ad hoc, but the Russian equipment until more reliable when it comes to new cars. In Central Russia the main consumers of his degradation machinery — housing and communal services. "They need special equipment on our chassis, — says Mr. Voronkovich. — The bigger the city, the greater the demand. Yes, customers can buy imported garbage trucks on the chassis more than we have, the size, but the city is important maneuverability — work is being done in the yard, there sometimes do not turn around. And the price of imported models, even the Russian assembly will be higher. " Competitors ZIL — MAZ and KAMAZ — not accidentally want to promote on the market of "compact" model: in housing as opposed to value the long haul workhorses.

Remain, and public procurement: December ZIL completed assembly of the first cars to fire. The formula of new 4×4 vehicles can use them on rough terrain to extinguish fires in the villages and country towns, where there are no paved roads. "There are government purchases, and we will participate in them on a par with competitors' — claim on the ZIL.

The concept of further development of the capital automated enterprise is now being discussed at the level of city government and will become available in 2012.

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