ZMZ mastered the production of new steel grades for the needs of the military-industrial complex

Zlatoust Metallurgical Works (ZMZ) in a strategy aimed at increasing the share of high-cost production of steel grades, successfully conducted a pilot smelting and rolling high-alloy steels EP836VD for the needs of the military-industrial complex.

In the process of developing technology experts Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant replaced the vacuum induction remelting by vacuum arc remelting, experimental batch slozhnodeformiruemoy rolled steel bar mills "400", made a final machining in termokalibrovochnom shop. The result was a rolled with profilerazmerom 41 mm circular cross-section. Routine tests and quality analysis confirmed that the resulting metal meets the technical requirements and the consumer.


"The company has successfully mastered the production of complex-rod steel grade EP836VD in profilerazmerah 38-42 mm," — concluded and. about. Director of Quality Sergey Reshetnikov.
"For the plant and the industry as a whole is important to keep up and demanded to produce a high-tech metal products. Therefore, research and innovation activities in ZMZ a priority and has the financial support "- confirmed managing director Anton Levada.

Until recently, Zlatoust Metallurgical Works received a workpiece from the Chelyabinsk branch of the company Urals Stampings, producing metal processing on existing facilities and ship to the customer. Own smelting EP836VD on the developed and mastered the technology, its further redistribution have significantly reduced the final cost of steel products for the consumer. Currently at the Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant is open order for series production began this brand.

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