ZRPK C-Shell first real cruise missiles destroyed



Nineteen October landfill "Pemba" located in the Komi Republic, were first tested the possibility of anti-aircraft missile and gun systems "Shell-C" to intercept the real cruise missiles. Earlier in the exercise of this complex calculations, by the armed forces of our army, perfected only problem with using the training target imitator cruise missiles, "- said the press service of the Defense Ministry.

The Ministry noted that the launch cruise missile crew made a long-range bombers Tu-95MS on a target at a distance of 800 kilometers. Combat crews' Shell-S ", two missiles hit the target and not allowed to hide behind the destruction of the object, which was chosen as the administrative building at the landfill site.

"The training, conducted on the northern range" Pemba, "confirmed the high performance characteristics of the complex and the level of training of calculations ZRPK", — stressed in the Defense Ministry.


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