100 Bards of Freedom: direction — National

On the last day of March in Minsk during a concert of famous Belarusian bards Sergei Sokolov-Voyusha, Dmitry Bartosik and Andrew Plesanova the presentation of multimedia DVD-ROM "100 bards of Liberty." This is a collection of songs and interviews of participants of the same name transmission of Radio Liberty, which were heard on the air in 2008-2010. As the Belarusian music critics evaluate the project and the new drive?

Vytautas Martinenko

Plastic bard in Belarus is quite powerful, confident music critic Vytautas Martinenko:

"Now I listen to CDs" Bordeaux of Liberty, "and there are so many names that I never heard of! Such interesting bards! On the first disc, "Bordeaux Freedom" was Oleg Missoula. I've heard it before, this energy into it! I thought this would be a super star! And then he was gone. I already thought that either went to, or dead! And it turns out to work, and Bartosik found it! We have a problem, as they say — to open the window to take a breath of fresh air … Bartosik has opened a lot of names, found those who did not show up then. In the 1980s, has been Valzhina Tereshchenko. 20 years of silence. When she was almost grown old, left drive. If it came out in 1989, circulation would be — tens of thousands. It's a super star! "

Maxim Zhbankov

According to cultural studies Maxim Zhbankova, Belarus lacks generalizing projects anthologies significant compilation, all that would commit a set of changes, certain trends in the current cultural life:

"Indeed, we exist in the words of Valentin once Akudovich as "an archipelago of Belarus." From time to time just to see each other badly, badly hear each other, poorly know. And just such compilation, which combines very different artists, writers who have some local, creative, outstanding personalities who perfectly reflect the time — is, in my view, a very useful thing. ordinary consumers, it listens to something more like something smaller, but this project gives an overall picture. I think not only for consumers, but also for researchers of the Belarusian culture is will be very essential foundation. In fact, it records the current culture. "

Anatoly Melguy

Music critic Anatoly Melguy expressed the view that this project is very necessary for the performers themselves, and music critics:

"I very much support this initiative RL, because the young writers and artists is not possible to write and publish on disk one, two, three songs. When there is such a disc, the authors can hear yourself, compare yourself, your level, skill, style with peers, more senior authors. This is very useful for young performers. There's a lot of interesting and noteworthy: Daria Kadamskaya I loved Roman Jarosz very peculiar bard, a kind of style, he loves Karatkevich and writes his lyrics are pretty decent and expressive songs.

A music critic for the CD — another confirmation that our bard song develops in the direction that we call national. Another productive way to bard in Belarus there is no way to move into the national mainstream. Another thing — what to look for their own ways, their own characteristics, its own theme, its lyrical. "

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