A criminal case has been opened in Primorye upon catching rare merlins

Linear transport police department in Vladivostok has opened a criminal investigation into the poaching of six listed in the Red Book gyrfalcons confiscated at the airport, told RIA Novosti on Friday, a representative of the department.

The police found eight merlins from a resident of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, who came from a military board of Kamchatka in late December. A day later, six birds were seized from the luggage of another resident of Kamchatka, who tried to move the birds to Novosibirsk.

According to police, a criminal case on the fact of illegal fishing six merlins. Sanction of this article is punishable by arrest for up to six months. Meanwhile on the materials of the birds found at the airport the day before, sent to the inter-municipal police department of the Kamchatka region.

Stress, trauma, and new business

According to environmentalists, among illegal hunting in an event is seen as part of another crime — cruelty to animals, which caused their death or injury.

As experts in legal support projects of the Amur branch of WWF Russia Olga Zherebkina, whose words are quoted in the report of the branch, six birds were packed in plastic tubes, one of them later died, did not survive the injuries and stress during illegal transport.

"The two merlins damaged claws, even at one — tail. In the party of eight merlins, which were under the influence of drugs, with bandaged legs and wings, in general, living there are only three birds. Overall, while eight of the surviving birds only one individual able to go back into the wild, "- said Zherebkina.

Kamchatka merlin — one of the largest falcon in the world, with beautiful plumage, from black to white. Rare birds are in great demand in many Arab countries, where they are used for falconry. Poachers caught Kamchatka merlins and send it flying to Moscow to sell them to the Middle East, which has long been popular falconry. The cost of one individual hunting birds here reaches 100-150 thousand dollars.

In Kamchatka, the illegal business has acquired in recent years widespread. According to official figures, for sale in the central regions of Russia and abroad, exported from Kamchatka 20-60 merlins year. But scientists believe that in fact, for sale caught at least twice as birds.

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