A mysterious artifact from Indonesia

In 1992, during the study of the cave, located in the Mount Satan in Kupang (Indonesia) were found two mysterious stone joined together and covered with striking engraved in the form of solar system.

If you look at the image, we can see the picture, which was referred to the spacecraft Pioneer 10, launched in 1972.

As we can see, is engraving on the stone with the image of the solar system, the planets, which are included in its composition, the sun, as well as two people: a man with his hand raised and a woman.

What is surprising is that this artifact for thousands of years and we can only guess at who in those days could create the subject, and most importantly — why? Perhaps this is no alien star map, and the library can be a part of any advanced civilization that was long before our own.

Let me remind you that these stones are applied to the surface of the image with a completely unimaginable scenes from the life of the Indians of Peru were discovered by Dr. Cabrera is not far from the desert of Nazca and collected since the beginning of 1960. At the moment there are more than twelve thousand. They are called: The Ica stones and read the details about them can be found here, on or discuss in the section on the unknown flame forum


Unfortunately, I have not been able to find more information on this research project. Perhaps this is another fake, the purpose of which is bloating sensation from scratch, and can really existing stone.

So, each independently decide what to believe and what is considered just another fake, to become famous for a day.


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