A.Osiptsov: Detentions Mogilev journalists — a challenge to the journalistic community of Belarus

Mogilev freelance journalist Ales Osiptsov came on Sunday from the temporary detention after three days of administrative arrest.

Ales Asiptsova detained in Mogilev on March 24 near the shopping center "Atlas". Within hours of its location remained unknown — law enforcement officers entered journalists and human rights defenders in error.

In particular, an employee of the Leninsky district police department, Major Andrew Teteryukov argued that Asiptsova arrested for disorderly conduct in a public garden 40th anniversary of the victory and sent to one of the reference points. Later the policeman on duty said that Osiptsov was sent to the court of Leninsky district of Mogilev. However, in the court office 20 minutes before the end of the day insisted that no matter Asiptsova been received and considered.

Learn about the location of the journalist was only after the call at 18.10 to the Deputy Chief of the Leninsky district police department Alexander Patarenki. It was found that the detention was carried out in the wrong place, which is called Teteryukov. As follows from the report, officers patrol detained Asiptsova "for the administration of natural needs in a public place," and the Leninsky district court on the same day sentenced him to three days of administrative arrest.

The next day, March 25, in Mogilev detained another journalist — freelance journalist BelaPAN Vladimir Laptsevich. He was detained when he went to cover the event, which is planned to hold the local representatives of the democratic forces on the occasion of the Day of Freedom — the laying of flowers to the local history museum. Laptsevich charged under two articles of the Code of Administrative Offences: disorderly conduct and disobedience to the police. It is expected that on March 28 it will take over the court.

What I was accused — is not from the industry of the Administrative Code, and the field of psychiatry …

After the release of the IVS Ales Osiptsov reported that, likely, appeal against his arrest. "At least in order to appease their conscience. I'm not sure that I will be able to appeal against the court decision, but at least be able to convey the absurdity of the accusations. So, what I was accused — is not from the industry of the Administrative Code, and the field of psychiatry . When a person arrested for what he urinated in the 200 meters from the apartment where he lives — is inadequate, "- said the journalist.

Osiptsov said: "I do not really care who is behind the initiative in Mogilev detention of journalists — City Council leadership, ideological or vertical guide law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Importantly, in Mogilev in the last 10 — 12 years there have been no arrests of journalists, no way are engaged in the political structure and motion. Mogilev just stood that the intelligence agencies and security forces tolerated reporters. Now this is not. "

"It is clear that the detention of journalists — a drug for the authorities — says Ales Osiptsov. — I think that now that the flywheel convict persecution of journalists started, and we should expect anything, for example, some of prosecutorial warnings and so on."


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