A rescue ship Igor Belousov, was launched on in St. Petersburg

A rescue ship "Igor Belousov," was launched on in St. Petersburg

Petersburg enterprise "Admiralty Shipyards" launched the maritime search and rescue vessel "Igor Belousov, "under construction for the Ministry of Defense.

"This ship becomes a part of search-and-rescue support of the Russian Navy, a concept developed at the moment. The ship is unique and provides ample opportunities rescue submarine. Maybe we will evaluate the needs of the fleet in the courts of this project. But for the earlier, the need for them exists in the Northern and Pacific fleets, "- said at the ceremony of launching Navy Commander Viktor Chirkov.

He recalled that the ship will be handed over to the Russian Navy in 2014. The first step of the test will take place in the Baltic Sea, and later in the Northern Fleet and then in the deep Atlantic.

As said Teals reporters in the future of the Navy sees fit, that type of rescue vessels were all fleets of. "This is a ship ("Igor Belousov ") base class, and certainly all the ships will be the same," — he said.

A vessel designed for rescue crews of submarines was laid down on 24 December 2005.

Ship can assist submarines lying on the ground or located on the surface, and for supplying air power and life-saving equipment for submarines and surface ships.

In addition, "Igor Belousov"Can search and examination of emergency facilities in the area, including in the international maritime rescue units.

The ship's length is 97 meters, width greater than 17 meters, displacement — 5,037 thousand tons. Full speed is 15 knots, cruising range of economic speed with full of supplies of fuel — 3,5 thousand miles.

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