A source in the Russian Air Force: Base on Cyprus can be used to cover Syria


A source in the Air Force of Russia reported that the military base at Paphos in Cyprus can be used to protect the skies of Syria and the Middle East airspace control at all. 

"It is absolutely clear that in addition to aircraft, Moscow will place on the basis of the means of radar detection, which will cover part of the region, including Israel, Lebanon, Syria and part of Turkey," — said a senior officer of the Russian Air Force.

"Prior to the Syrian coast there are only 300 km," — he added.

Besides the officer said that if Russia will deliver to this airbase modern fighters, their combat radius is enough to Jordan and Egypt, which will significantly reduce the ardor of local monarchs and presidents.

"And Baghdad will feel more confident," — he concluded.

Telegrafist notes that Iraq has recently purchased Russian weapons, and therefore the support of Russia, he may soon need no less than that of Syria.

Military Air Force base in Cyprus will be able to ease the Russian Navy duty in the Mediterranean, in addition, after the destruction of the militants in Syria, Tartus can not be just a point of logistics, and full-fledged naval base of Russia.

Entrenched and at sea and in the air Russia finally return to the region, and "what I want to do," Washington will not be able not only in the Middle East, but also in the south of Europe.

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