Abnormally low temperature is in February in southern Russia

The greatest deviation from normal temperature observed at present in the south of Russia, told reporters on Thursday the weather specialist center "Phobos" Vadim Zavodchenkov.

Extreme cold in Russia this winter held around mid-January.

"It's cold almost everywhere, but if we compare the degree — the least abnormality seen in the northern part of Russia, and in the south, by contrast, colder," — said Zavodchenkov.

He said that in the south of the country in the daytime air temperature does not exceed 10-15 degrees below zero, and in some places falls to minus 18 degrees. The weather on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus is accompanied by gusty winds.

"In the last days of Novorossiysk observed high winds. This situation will continue in the next two or three days," — said Zavodchenkov.

As noted specialist in general this winter "remember contrasts" in December-early January thaw lasted pyatidesyatidnevnaya, and at present there is an abnormal cold.

As the CEO of the center weather "Phobos" Igor Klanishen in St. Petersburg now stands comfortable time to rain, and the air temperature is lower than normal. So, at night the temperature drops to 18-23 degrees below zero at night, minus 19-14 degrees.

"From Sunday in the area also will influence the cyclone, the clouds will be more, snowing, cold start to recede," — he added.


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