Acherontia atropos, a family of security officers

Every day during the summer on the site of Liberty new page book by Alexander Lukashuk "Liharev. Oswald in Minsk."

Mailer syamnatstsatsyu met with officers of the KGB in Moscow and Minsk.

The figure in the book like shagreen: only five of those involved Oswald agreed to an interview on the subject, the book featured only three, since three of the five had to unite under a single name, none of them agreed to give his real name .

One of those, whose real name is mentioned in the book — the first head of the independent Belarusian KGB Edward Shirkovskogo. Mailer so formulated his impression during the interview:

Edward Shirkovskogo

— I think this is a typical KGB man. Strong, a bit brutal, with good manners — for a brutal type. Cynical. Deeply cynical.

"General Dream" — the collective name for the three high-ranking KGB in Moscow.

"Igor Guzmin" aka "Igor" — the head of the KGB in Minsk, which dealt with Oswald.

"Stepan Grigoriev," or simply "Stepan" — his subordinate, the KGB officer who directly, every day, for two and a half years in Oswald.

One of the veterans of the shield and sword modestly explained his dislike of publicity and understandable for Americans holy values of privacy:

To retired journalists do not bother with questions.

Americans hopefully understood correctly.

Even before the book was published Mailer deciphered KGB. On the Internet, newspapers, you can see that the general "Igor Guzmin" was Golubtsova, it was sent to Minsk from Moscow "to strengthen personnel training" in 1946, to Oswald, he was looking for collaborators in the early 1950s caught the parachutists (Four Vostrikov) , and retired from his post as head of counter-intelligence in 1977.

Mailer gives a portrait of 70-year-old retired KGB general:

A great man, old, with a big red face that could belong to an Irish cop in New York, a person is impressive: from the sharp nose and up — faded blue eyes, ready to ignite righteous moral fire, but on the lips, and he looked down corrupt — double chin, razdmutaya neck police chief.

A direct supervisor Oswald "Stepan" identified as Captain Alexander F. Kostiuk, a native of the Gomel region — in 1992, his name is printed "The News", that is how it was presented and the deputy Sergei Navumchyk.

"Stepan," as well as "Igor", devoted a separate section in the book. Mailer cites "Guzmina" on Kastsyukova: intelligent, professional, serious, with a cool head, the nature of persistent, patient, clean Belarusian who knew the local context, caught and interrogated German and British spies — the locals, who during the war has brought to the West, and then home.

Kostiuk was born in a village in Sauget, fought and was wounded, came to the authorities even during Tsanava and Beria, and before that was a member of the District Department of Statistics. Mailer said he did not drink, did not smoke, did not play dominoes, was mentally stable, just worked. The apartment was three kilometers from work, leave the house early, walked to a quiet street Gorky Park, passed Kupala Park, on the avenue to the house with columns, rising to his third floor and there was a table in half of the ninth. He liked that the windows looked out into the courtyard — quiet, do not interfere. He started the day with work on documents, which it always had in the safe, even when I went out for a minute. And not because he was in the office of another member, but because such an order. I sat in meetings, gatherings, dinner service in the dining room, very good (steak or burgers, salads, tea with 20% cream), a dinner out to the patio, to sit in the sun, sometimes play volleyball, even though it was a short, but bad beat hook.

The work was creative, he explained Mailer, something could resolved in a month or even a year. It was impossible to limit the time frame — always something unexpected occurred. Who, for example, could have foreseen that marries with Marina Oswald? There were jobs that are impossible tocould do, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes it goes off at night, my wife treated with understanding, she worked for exempt positions Komsomol, the children were in the day-night manger, every Monday the office bus drove them from the KGB building on the former summer residence Tsanava at Minsk and there they remained until Friday.

Oswald when it came to an end, Kastsyukova offended: appointed deputy head of the department, was given a private room, but the title has remained the same — the captain. Six months later he was silent, but then still went to the personnel department, was simply forgotten — there were also in civilian clothes.

If Mailer asked him to criticize himself, Kostyuk said he was too picky kids, too sought to discipline. And sometimes it was impatient when the interlocutors spoke not to participate, then he interrupted and directed the conversation to the point.

As a child he wanted to become a teacher.

If you look for analogies within lepideptaralegii, the KGB, of course, belong to Acherontia atropos, family or sphinxes brazhnikav. As written in the popular literature entamalyagichnay:

Butterfly "Sphinx Dead Head" is the subject of prejudice and fear among the people because of him wistfully exclamations and images skull on his chest.

Dreary exclamations in the early 1960s, was heard less frequently than in previous decades, when the newspapers were unable to print reports of the discovery of enemy plots and lightning sentences. Now screaming usually once a year, in December, on the day of birth. For example, a colleague of "Igor" and "Stephen" Michael Atsenkav, a Russian, from the middle class, a member of the Communist Party since 1916, security officer from 1920, prisoner from 1938 (hit by a wave of purges of the NKVD "yazhovshchyny"), after his release in the north — a resident of Minsk and the veteran, wrote in the "Star" on the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Cheka:

In vain the dark forces of international reaction nominate its poisonous sting. His steady hand cut off our glorious KGB! And renegade mercenaries, people with black souls NOT zvits their nests on our land.

In 1926 Atsenkav reprimanded "for drunkenness in brothels," which traveled behind him in a personal life — it can and has caused some anguish inherent "hawk moth."

Lovers of literature can expand the story of Poe's "The Sphinx": the hero meets a butterfly, a monster that has a shaggy mass of bristly hair sticking out from the trunk dvatstsatsimetrovy mouth at the end, with sherstsi stick out as two shiny fangs like a wild boar, trunk cover the two sides of the crystal prismatic horns, two pairs of wings covered with metal scales, stretched to two meters in width. Clearly showed white on the chest with a skull. Monster roared and the hero fainted.

It turned out — common butterfly.

Only grew uncontrollably.

Following tomorrow.

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