Adam Michnik: As long as people are in prison, there is no place dialogue

Editor of "Gazeta Wyborcza" Adam Michnik in an interview with "Freedom" during the Global Forum Vrotslovskogoshared his views on the situation in Belarus.

Why failed policy of dialogue with the official Minsk and Belarus' accession to Europe, which was carried out in 2008-2010? It is in a sense was profitable and Lukashenko.

— In such a policy is a big risk. And what happened in Belarus — it is very sad, it's a disaster. Logic is not only Europeans but also part of the Belarusian opposition was such a little thing to economically support Lukashenko that he did not go to the end of the path to the new USSR. Still no luck.

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, together with German counterpart Guido Westerwelle during the election campaign, Lukashenko visited. For a more or less fair elections he promised financial assistance. However, Europe, including Poland, supported by the opposition, Lukashenko rivals in the election campaign. Or he did not consider this duplicity is not considered that in fact the West wants to overthrow him?

— It was not duplicity, and bilateral policies. Neither Sikorsky nor Westerwelle have made no secret that their goal — a democratic process in Belarus. But Lukashenko outsmarted them.

— Nowmany believe that the West, united Europe must keep a strict policy towards Belarus, including the introduction of economic sanctions. And what is your point? And by the way, as the "Solidarity" refers to the sanctions that the U.S. imposed after the introduction in Poland in 1981, martial law?

— Frankly, I'm on the side of the Belarusian democracy and believe Lukashenko bandits and a tyrant. However, we have seen a situation where the tyranny became a liberal authoritarianism.

I was for sanctions in 1981, despite the fact that some say that it is the policy of betrayal of his homeland. But if the leaders of "Solidarity" saw that the thaw began, earned a new logic. We saw the contradictions in the camp authorities, the division into conservatives and reformists. The same thing happened in the Soviet Union under Gorbachev.

I reasoned as well as Andrei Sakharov — that we should extend this crack, it is necessary to participate in the process.

I believe that the same logic against Belarus was Sikorsky in 2008. But once it wins, other times — losing.

And what should be the Western policy now: hard line or try the crack, which may not?

— While people are in prison, there is no room for expansion of the crack lines and dialogue. They need to pull out of there. Then the conversation is possible. But I respect Lukashenko little shy. I'm afraid he's just crazy. He's mad, everyone is afraid, does not trust anyone.

— The fact that Belarus is now due to a strict policy of the West gets more and more dependent on Russia — it matters?

— Certainly has. But the paranoid can not make any concessions. After these political processes concessions from the West would be a big mistake, which would not have understood the democratic community of Belarus.

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