«Affordable main battle tank» based on M60 Patton (Turkey)

M60 Patton tank was designed by South American designers in the late 50s, but so far remains in service with many countries. Almost two 10-ka world armies run several thousand such armored vehicles. Despite the huge number of these tanks have long become obsolete and have insufficient combat abilities. Since not all countries using tanks M60, can afford the latest technology for yourself, there are often projects of modernization of the vehicle, designed to improve its ability and durability.

«Affordable main battle tank» based on M60 Patton (Turkey)

In 2011, the Turkish company StandartBio joined the list of companies and organizations working to improve outdated tank. Her tank modernization project received conditional title M60 The Affordable Main Battle Tank («Affordable main battle tank»). As is clear from the name, the purpose of the project was to bring the updated features of the tank to a very probable. With all this modernization must have had a reasonable price for customers. As potential customers considered M60 tank modernization of the country, which remains in service with a huge number of cars of this model. Namely, the Turkish army hitherto uses obsolete tanks above 800-850 South American production.
One of the important features of the tank — mobility. To increase running features Turkish company offers to equip the new tank diesel engine 1200 hp With such power plant modernized tank M60, it gained even due to a number of new equipment, has more properties in the highest compared with the baseline machine. In addition, an auxiliary power unit to supply electricity to the tank without the main engine. Reported updated chassis and suspension strengthening. As a result, allegedly, has refreshed tank mobility is not terrible, but a number of characteristics and better than the basic version of the machine.

Small refinements for modernization should be subjected to a basic hull of the tank. Frontal and side of the body are covered with additional armor modules. Sides and rear of the turret equipped protivokumulyativnymi grills. Taking into account the characteristics of the protection of old tank modifications M60, you can read that the installation of additional modules can significantly improve the survivability of combat vehicles in real combat situation. Exciting upgrade protection vehicle was unique cupola. Commanding over flap invited to mount an appropriate armored dome with observational devices and fixtures for mounting the gun.

Virtually all modifications M60 tank equipped with a 105-mm rifled gun. Properties such long arms do not meet modern requirements. In this regard, the company conducted a thorough modernization StandartBio entire complex outdated tank weapons. First, it is worth noting completion of the tower and tower equipment, allowing to use modern 120mm gun. Refreshed tank is equipped with a smoothbore gun M256. Having the ability to use all the shots 120mm NATO standard, such an instrument significantly raises the combat potential of the upgraded tank. In stacking the crew compartment can hold up to 40 unitary shells.
In the process of modernization was supposed to increase the effectiveness of fire manpower and technology unprotected enemy. As a basic machine, refreshed tank equipped with coaxial machine gun caliber rifle. Second machine gun 12.7 mm mounted on the commander’s cupola mounts, allowing direct tool in the vertical plane. To traverse the tank commander must rotate the turret. Substantial increase in capacity of the auxiliary arms was achieved by the introduction of automatic cannon. In the rear of the roof of the tower, an additional remote-controlled turret with a 25mm cannon ATK LW25. Automatic cannon ammunition — 300 rounds.

When upgrading is meant to replace all quite sighting devices and other equipment designed for fire control. Upgraded project company StandartBio M60 tank gets modern digital components of the fire control system, also developed sighting system. Argues that the use scopes allow the crew to monitor the situation and direct instrument at any time of the day and all weather conditions. In addition, brand new equipment simplifies the work crew.

Like all other companies specializing in the creation or modernization of armored vehicles, StandartBio been active in promoting his own project «Affordable main battle tank.» It should be noted that the draft update obsolete combat vehicle Turkish engineers have applied some fascinating technical solutions. First, it will strengthen the arms of the complex due to the automatic gun. So Makar, M60 upgraded as needed can storm three goals at once: using the main gun or coaxial machine gun, the commander’s gun and automatic cannon. In the criteria of urban combat typical modern conflicts, similar opportunity will be useful.

And yet the M60 upgrade project does not allow this war machine to reach the main abilities of modern tanks. For example, despite the installation of additional modules, the general level of protection of the hull and turret remains missing. Modernized tank may not be a very difficult target for modern anti-tank weapons.
But we should not forget that the main purpose of the Turkish project was to create a set of measures allowing increment properties outdated tank level applicable to the M60, also cheapening of the renovation of the vehicle. Similar approach to the creation of the project would allow small poor countries to upgrade their armor without high costs for the purchase of new tanks. Given this characteristic of StandartBio project looks fun and promising.

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