After questioning by the KGB no connection with Natalia Radina

Journalist Natalia Radin was summoned to the KGB. Mother of Paul Sevyarinets met with the priest in charge of the visiting prisoners in the KGB detention center. In the case of December 19, the number of defendants. Nikita Lihavid preparing for a hunger strike.

Human rights activists say the center "Viasna" in the December 19 there was one defendant —Eugene Secret.

Anastasia Marinkina
"Oh we know it is not much. Indirectly, it became known that he was serving an administrative arrest for December 19 for 10 days, but after that he was transferred to the detention center on Volodarskogo and there have been charged with involvement in the riots. Only now we have learned that he is in custody and learned that he does not have a lawyer who would become of him working. It is known that he was 44 years old, he is a designer by profession, but why so much attention to it, is unclear. After all, as far as we know, he was not an activist of any party or organization. "

Tatiana Seviarynets

March 31 the mother of political prisoner Paul Sevyarinets Tatiana had a conversation with one of the leaders of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, which can help in visiting priests prison. Tatiana Seviarynets a month trying in vain to arrange to visit her son in the KGB detention center priest for confession. Sevyarinets mother is on the way through the various challenges:

"I wanted to talk all meeting at Filaret. Filaret but I refused, said that to meet me will not, but blessed me to meet with Bishop Benjamin. And so today I'm going to Holy Spirit Cathedral, the evening service, which, I hope, as I have said, I will meet with Bishop Benjamin. " The result of this conversation, write a report at the time was unknown.

Natalia Radin

Also, a hitherto unknown result of interrogation by the KGB of journalist Natalia Radina, who now lives in Kobrin under house arrest. Accused of involvement in the events of December 19th journalist called Committee of State Security in Minsk on March 31. The interrogation was to start at 11:00, but started as a pass than run out — is unknown. To 9 pm and Radina mobile phone was switched off. "Freedom" continues to follow the fate of the site editor "Hartyya97" Natalia Radina.

Nikita Lihavid

March 31 sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for taking part in the events on the Square Nikita Lihavidam met to "Volodarka" his mother Elena Lihavid. The boy told his mother that a protest set to begin a hunger strike.

"He said that one of these days will be to prepare himself, and on Monday will begin a hunger strike. That is, on April 4. Tomorrow it will go to the lawyer. Perhaps he's already got his hands on the verdict. Then they will write an appeal against the sentence with which he disagrees. The lawyer said that already has known Nikita that he is stubborn, and if thought it would. I will ask for another meeting with him next week to meet and give him water to drink because he will need a lot. "

Elena Lihavid son shared a protest about the verdict, but it is going to dissuade him from starvation, because "he needed strength to the colony."



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