Alien civilizations created man as a kind of worker

Today one of the most popular themes is the theory paleocontacts ufology, in which some extraterrestrial civilization created man as a kind of worker, mine gold for the needs of the "masters." His "interpretation of events" offered researcher, writer, author of the books "proto-language" Vladimir Degtyarev.

— Vladimir, did indeed humanity gene product experiment aliens?

— We can say one thing — the current view of mankind is not a product of evolution. So Darwinism decades taught in schools and universities around the world, can be considered pseudoscience. I believe that Homo sapiens was created by extraterrestrial beings "in his own image and likeness" of about 400 000 years. And here it must be emphasized that the aliens, ancient people called "gods" appeared on Earth long before the "assembly" of a person, so the "alien" likely to call people.

— Who are our creators?

— They can be "gods-civilize." This species looks very similar to us, only more advanced in terms of technology. They appeared on the planet Ki (from Sumerian — Earth) millions of years ago. I have in the works is based precisely on the Sumerian cosmogony, as well as Egyptian, Yucatan and Indian sources. According to my research, to have been on Earth for some entity created by aliens. Many well-known collection of Peruvian Ica stones, collected by Dr. Cabrera. They are the people depicted in the company of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. There are two versions: either modern humans lived 65 million years ago ("date" extinction of the dinosaurs), or the giant reptiles stayed on Earth to the late Paleolithic, namely stones date back to this period in South America.

— Did dinosaurs and created the "civilizing gods"?

— Of course! That is, dinosaurs and whales, baobabs and apples, potatoes and grapes, cows, horses, sheep, and other animal and vegetable nature are mostly genetically modified creatures ancient generations "newcomers." So I say: people — genetically engineered aliens. First they created the earth from a large water planet Tiamat, which revolved in orbit between Mars and Jupiter. And then and there on our own, "ball."

— For what purpose they conducted an experiment to create a human being?

— For them, this was not an experiment, I suppose, but an urgent necessity. Today we can only speak of the last period of the Earth's existence, described in ancient texts, which is about 400,000 years. Initially, the "gods" of our planet was only three. It is famous Anunnaki, called in Sumerian texts as Enlil and Enki Ninlil. As newcomers to work strongly desired, they had to create the "younger gods", known in the literature dissonant archaic word "IGIGI."

The newly created workers mined metals, including gold, to produce food, and everything you need for life "shift workers" from the planet Nibiru, the home of the Anunnaki. Hard work, despite the "divine" machinery of obviously bored "younger", and they have rebelled corny. Then it was decided to replace the "Junior" biological copies — people.

Alien civilizations created man as a kind of worker

— But on gold. Why would the aliens took so noble metal?

— Energy! Due to owning its sources today are numerous military conflicts. There is a version, as if from gold mined in the world "gods" contrived for his home planet a cocoon made up of tiny plates, in order to preserve the planetary heat, as Nibiru is very far away from the Sun — the period of its revolution around the light about 3600 Earth years. I'm inclined to different interpretation: civilize the earth using the yellow metal in the same way as we use oil, gas, coal and uranium — as a source of energy.

— What is going on technically? How to receive energy from the metal?

— Today, electronic products, televisions, computers, gold is used, albeit in minute doses. In the past, dominated radio tubes, in the Soviet Union in their production spends up to twenty tons of gold. It provides a constant rate of low current, and hence the stability of the transmission of information. The Mexican Teuakane has recently discovered a pyramid whose base was put power capacitors — two thick layer of extremely pure mica. Analysis of the structure (in the guise of restoration) involved a "representative of the authorities."

Mica he removed and sold. She went to regular capacitors. Then came the pyramid, archaeologists who discovered the wreckage and gave them to the examination. The result surprised: the samples studied were found microparticles gold alloy is very high grade. Seal between layers of mica in the vast and powerful condenser served exactly the yellow metal. This "structure" of the charged energy, which is enough in the atmosphere. Well, the whole "extracted" from the precious metal pyramid, of course, sailed to an unknown destination.

— And what function this capacitor?

— Apparently, a food source for many electrical aliens. Giant porphyry and granite blocks used in cyclopean masonry of the buildings, it was necessary to cut something, pack some machines. For all of this enormous energy needs. And this is only a small part of life, "the gods." In addition, the pyramid could be part of a large transmitting and receiving system. Surely the same were exchanged between the Earth's colony and the metropolis on Nibiru. A sort of a satellite dish, to put it simply. That is, the pyramid was quite versatile technical object.

— What are the texts, artifacts, lean your "golden" theory?

— Today survived four "Maya Code" (one — in part), which contain information on the "golden question". There is a description of the "divine" gold in Mesopotamian clay tablets. Survived a lot written and physical information, but it mostly concerns of our time, the fifth civilization, the age of which about 12-14 thousand years (after the flood).

A vast array of artifacts hidden from view on the coast of the Arctic Ocean, in the Ural mountains, in Siberia, in general, but this is a topic that describes the former, the antediluvian world. There you can find graphic evidence of my conclusion that the "gods" precious metal interested, above all, as a source of energy.

— Why gold mining "gods" has been discontinued, or is it still?

— This question is of interest to many researchers. According to written sources, gold mining has stopped thousands of years ago. Only then will it become a metal of kings, and then commoners. Prior to that, gold was forbidden to domestic turnover, it participated only in the sanctuary tribute to the gods. This is clearly seen in the ancient tombs of "important people" that necessarily, in one form or another, there is gold. Senior dead after the death of "hoping" to get preferences from higher beings. Why production stopped — the question is even more complicated. May have been for thousands of years has been sufficient, "stocks", and can, Earth and primitive human beings simply bored with representatives of high intelligence?

Interviewed by Dmitry Sokolov

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