Alien civilizations threaten Earth

Is this true? Has the right to exist such a point of view? Certainly. Nothing can say for sure when it comes to complex issues, such as communication with other civilizations. Everyone wants to believe that the first contact is successful, but no one does not exclude the possible aggression by strange creature from another planet.

Recently on Earth bombarded more and more disasters. Sun, some time to be in silence, suddenly makes itself felt powerful flash. Land became anxious and unbalanced structure. Abnormal processes occurring in space have an impact (often — negative), all inhabitants of the earth. The situation becomes more tense, and find the causes of this can not be. According to some researchers, these phenomena can be only one explanation: the alien civilization to experiment on people and preparing for an attack. What would happen if people will not ready for such an attack?

Is growing increasingly confident that at the government level has long conducted secret negotiations with extraterrestrials and will soon even documentary evidence of this fact. Comparing frequent disasters with these contacts, we can assume that the aliens are set in relation to people very hostile.

Strategic Defense of Earth and weapons against aliens

Already it is no secret that a weapon to fight the aliens developed during Soviet times. This was the secret of national importance and to this day of information on this issue quite a bit. However, the witness of old events and have already ceased to be afraid of, they started telling some incredible stories.

Thus, SP Korolyov told about events that happened in 1948. Then he was invited to the Kremlin, and saw that on the table is a lot of variety of documents: ciphers, newspaper clippings, printed documents. In all these documents had something in common in that they covered the subject of unidentified flying objects. As you know, during World was seen many UFOs and the question was quite acute. Queen left for several days in a room to study the documentation. Make paper outside the room was strictly forbidden. After some time for him to come back in Stalin and asked his opinion on the matter. The key moment was the interest of Stalin: can UFO threaten earthlings and be the weapon of the enemy. It is believed that Stalin had nothing to ask for a reason. And so it was at this time, it was decided to set up special weapons, able to counteract this possible unseen threat. Of course, it was all covered with the seal of secrecy. But what is known about this weapon? Earlier everything was kept secret. Only many years later, other witnesses of the old events have started to talk about what the witness that he remembered and knew. Although they knew little — a classified "top secret" hiding every slightest detail of this action. Secret documents ruthlessly destroyed.

However, once the young servant came across an unusual object: its size does not exceed the size of a matchbox, but the documentation that accompanies the "boxes", testified that he was so secret, as far as was the maximum possible. Young people began to wonder and laugh that such a tiny little thing protected highest stamp of secrecy, but the oldest and most veteran officer unexpectedly announced that they laugh knowingly, and told a story that happened to him many years ago. He was a performer in the destruction of confidential documents. With a partner, in the basement, they burned in a furnace stringed instruments, and his friend suggested to better burning, unwrap the paper. So he did. While as they unfolded documents could consider them. It turned out that destroy paper, which describes the weapons for the fight against the aliens. In addition, destroyed the papers urgently for unknown reasons.

A little later, the development of weapons designed to combat the aggressive aliens, continued under Beria. They say that the process was very slow and uncertain. No wonder, because of the enemy almost nothing was known. Look like aliens, what are their intentions and what weapons you can fight with them, no one could reliably know. The project evolved in different directions. One option weapons against aliens considered the most powerful nuclear bomb. According to the government, against its forces no one could resist. But then, for any reasons, the creation of the atomic bomb and refused to undertake the development in other areas, which to this day do not know for sure.

The unique project of modernity

Likely due to alien civilizations, no one can deny. It is because, in spite of a considerable number of skeptics, not less, and the number of scholars who seek to explore all possible details and prepare for the "meeting".

For example, in the U.S. at the Institute of Sets with scientists California National University, is working on a colossal scale project. The aim of the project is simple enough — the knowledge of extraterrestrial civilizations. Researchers continuously observe the cosmos with the latest technological gadgets and trying to get the signals from aliens. In addition, the surveyed stars and star clusters. Currently already received information about seventeen thousand such objects. The latest discovery was a star very similar to our native sun, but much older.

Scientists complain that even thirty million dollars invested in the project, not to continue the research. One must be prepared for the fact that the project will require a lot of time, because to rely on emergency communication with aliens is not necessary. Of course, researchers dream that one day humans will meet with an alien civilization, or even a few that will have historic significance. However, it is likely that this meeting is not soon. Because the first phase of the exercise will be satisfied if we can communicate with space by radio. Such communication will be a grand achievement of all humanity.

Already have some achievements in this area. For example, a group of astrophysicists created a unique protocol that facilitates the creation of a special language for communication and civilized communication with alien residents. Since the language is unified, it will be able to understand any alien race.

Scientists nourish the hope that if somewhere in the universe there are intelligent beings — representatives of other civilizations, similar to people, there is a chance that the battle of civilizations will not be. Perhaps our cosmic neighbors adhere to the principles of creation, not destruction, and nothing human is alien to them.

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