Aliens and a new plan to take over Earth

Interest in the problem of extraterrestrial civilizations was not born yesterday. History has preserved for us the ancient Greek thinker Metrodorus statement. Chios.

"Treat the earth the only inhabited world is as absurd as to assert that in a field sown with millet, can grow one single grain," — he said in IV century BC. So, and then there were debates such as "Is there life on Mars" …

Over the past century this attitude has changed little. Except that the scientists appeared technique that can look and listen to the distant corners of the universe. USA. Canada, Germany, and other countries have made about fifty projects on search of extraterrestrial artificial signals.

Today sensitive "ears" of radio telescopes do not stop to listen to the starry sky. This year, NASA has conceived a new global experiment to listen 773 most promising stars, far from the Sun at a distance of 80 light years. Maybe, this time, the search will be successful. But so far, going to their workshops, specialists contacts had stated: "We already know that do not know anything."

Meanwhile, there is a belief that extraterrestrial civilizations have repeatedly tried to make contact with the inhabitants of the earth. In the archives of researchers so-called anomalous phenomena can be found a lot of interesting stories about it. In 1929, for example, the signals are "aliens" caught no radio telescopes, and the usual radio wave at 75 meters. Someone who identified himself as Nick, for a long time in different languages alternately read out an address to the inhabitants of the Earth Coalition reasonable detachment observers (KOH). Nick, in particular, said that in the vicinity of our galaxy clusters drifting gravitational cyclone capable of destroying life on all planets, and called mankind to form a coalition, so that she had time to help prepare for the hazard.

Something similar happened November 27, 1977 in England, south-west London. On the territory of about 120 square miles _ suddenly disappeared image on television, and an unknown voice said that he is a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization that mankind is on the wrong path, that earthlings have to destroy weapons of evil and the time for that there are very few … Police are actively engaged in search of "alien", loudly announced that they will present it to the public in court. But later on, so no one and not get caught, but shyly spread her hands.

The commission "Phenomenon" regularly refer people who claim that they "came in contact." Here, for example, that we wrote Natalia R., deputy director of an enterprise in Rostov-on-Don: "Humanity is in danger trying to enslave Earth Energy civilization of the Damned worlds. Reasonable clots This" dark energy ", penetrating into human bodies form energy-virus "grid" that suppresses the will and mind … " Natalie found out about it from others, friendly aliens from the planet Zar. Night November 5, 1989, they stole it to your "unit", where he talked about the coming invasion.

Different ways you can treat such messages. Do not believe the view is well reflected in the popular ditty: "On the wall crawling iron — it is a glitch." There are very reputable scientists who believe that "kontakterst-in" — a phenomenon that deserves close study … And those and others have arguments to support their point of view. But we are not interested in science, but rather, the social aspect of the problem. Imagine that you are completely random really learned that the aliens are preparing to take over the Earth. What to do?

One of the experts "Phenomenon" rang in his police station: "On June 17 the aliens …" In response to openly laughed. The State Committee for Emergency Situations with polite irony advised to present all the writing. What happens: it turns out, we are vulnerable to possible attack? Because even if someone finds out about it in advance, no one will treat this information seriously. Unless workers psychiatry …

— Alas, it is, — said Dmitry Azarov us, a psychologist who is interested in the problem of contact with UFOs. — Although experts to find extraterrestrial life and tried to discuss the issue, in the end outweigh the view that highly intelligent beings can not fly with evil intentions. At the same time, its own history teaches us quite differently. Remember, as the Spaniards landed once on the American continent. They were convinced that a wild bear Mayan civilization. But "carried" it with fire and sword. And the invaders did not hurt that they were only a handful against a whole people.

— But because the Earth well protected. We have missiles, devices that can detect the alien space fleet long before approaching the planet:.

— Of course, they will be by the way, if you imagine that the aliens descend to us as the novel by HG Wells: balls falling from space to the heath, a monster on the tripod, the armed thermal rays … But, believe me, primitive! If anyone decides to conquer Earth, there will be more carefully hidden. I can offer as a joke hypothesis that aliens have already started to conquer us. The fact that a few decades ago, scientists Stormer and Van der Pol found mysterious echoes of signals sent to the sky, as if a body reflecting them back to Earth at varying intervals. And an expert on "EC" (extraterrestrial civilizations) R. Bracewell suggested that it was "the work of" an alien probe, secretly orbiting planet.

Subsequent studies failed to confirm or refute this idea. But what if it's true? Let's imagine the possible future actions of newcomers. With the mother ship they have a landing on the planet Earth to infiltrate the organization to gradually implicitly guide our civilization in the way you need them. At the same time, to secure, they must strictly forbidden to publish any information on unidentified flying objects, to create the Academy of Sciences of the group, which would explain all UFO purely earthly reason …

— Similar bans existed until recently. But things have changed.

— But is it true? Yes, there was a flurry of press articles about UFOs. Sometimes the most incredible information — about the attack, "cymbals" on military aircraft, on the remains of the UFO pilots, found in the desert, the unusual chemical analysis of debris mysterious aircraft … But if all goes into the mire. Most people seemed mesmerized perceives it as a kind of "journalistic fiction."

Meanwhile, the world is really strange things happen. Humanity is changing as a species literally eyes. More and more so-called "contactees — people hearing otherworldly voices that have psychic abilities. Scientists attribute this change in the magnetic field of the Earth, which is considerably decreased. Academician Vladimir Treasurers confirmed this effect in hypomagnetic cameras. Individuals isolated from these cells from the outer field, dramatically manifested telepathic and other unusual abilities. But who will ensure that the Earth's magnetic field varies in a natural way?

Why, for example, there is a "Time of Madness", which covers the planet deadly ring? Judge for yourself in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, and now even Yugoslavia, Moldova, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh … And recently, even in prosperous America, violence erupted in Los Angeles, located in the same latitude belt … say that all these war conflicts — political phenomenon? Why, then, they are accompanied by earthquakes and other unusual natural phenomena? Why are the "hot spots" is clearly stacked in the ring, as if a probe circling the planet in its orbit, sowing under a feud, aggressiveness, natural disasters?

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