Aliens are already on the moon!

American former NASA researcher Richard Hoagland obtained the photos taken with the spacecraft "Apollo 10" and "Apollo 16" over the moon.
In pictures visible city.

Visible towers, viaducts, bridges, spiers, stairs that go into the crater.
The city is located on the near side of the Earth from our companions, in the sea of Crises.
He laid a transparent dome (although in some places the "broken").
Dome is made of a material that resembles crystal or fiberglass.
However, Hoagland is not the first, who stole the suspicion about the habitability of the moon.

As early as 1979, two American engineer Vito Saccheri and Lester Hughes told the press about the mysterious photographs of the moon, which they saw in the library complex Houston NASA.

They — the city and the pyramids, like the Egyptian, some mechanisms and pipes that extend to the craters.

Besides, they could see the pictures "flying saucers" — like standing on the bases, and the start.

Richard Hoagland believe that the U.S. government has known about the presence of a civilization on the moon.

One of astrophysicists claimed that inside the moon could be a huge, nearly empty space volume of 73.5 million cubic kilometers, designed for machines that serve the movement and space superkorablya repair, devices for external observation, a design that provides a connection to the armor plating the interior.

It is possible that up to 80 percent of the mass of the moon which is in its depths, and there is a "payload" of the ship.

Speculation about the content and purpose beyond reasonable assumptions.

Similar considerations about the hollowness expressed at the time and on Phobos, the trajectory and speed of which are inexplicable by natural causes.

At the time, corresponding member of the USSR Shklovskii advanced version: anomalies in the trajectory of Phobos can be explained only one circumstance — an artificial (man-made) object.

Other scientists hypothesized that Phobos — a former asteroid, which is set by some cosmic civilizations to the orbit of Mars, where it is used as a plant logistics.

And inside Phobos — a hollow, as for many years there is a development of its resources, rich chemical elements.

But somehow attention to this hypothesis gradually died away and broke out again until January 1989, when the satellite reached Mars Soviet space probe "Phobos-2".

The station was a very powerful laser system, which is a height of 50 m was to direct the beam to the surface of the satellite to analyze the gases arising under its influence.

However, something (or someone?) Prevented conduct this experiment.

At the very beginning of the camera on board the vehicle, recorded a strange object seems artificial length of about 25 km, which was coming to the probe.

On Earth, managed to get some pictures (they even shown on television all-union) with the image of this "something" that looks like a giant UFO, after which the connection suddenly disappeared and never resumed.

It is now known that all operations "Gemini" (1965-1966) and "Apollo" (1968-1975) controlled from a distance and near mysterious flying objects.

And, due to the flight "Phobos-2", not to remember the mysterious case, which occurred in the American spaceship "Apollo 13."

This is how the situation arose when a former employee of NASA's space radio Maurice Chatelain, "Apollo 13", which, as you know, we could not land on the moon, carried a small nuclear device to create artificial moonquakes in order to observe due to the explosion seismographs (telemetered from Earth) infrastructure Moon.

On this ship, there was a mysterious explosion that destroyed one of the cylinders of oxygen in the cabin.

It is not known whether it is done, "plate", which oversaw the ship.

This explosion was intended to prevent the experiment with nuclear warheads, which could destroy the extraterrestrial base on the Moon. "

Moon — a giant spaceship

There is a hypothesis that the Moon — a giant spaceship crashed and forced to old times "park" to Earth for "repair."
After all, natural cosmic bodies with their multi-kilometer containment, some scientists believe, the safest and most reliable vehicles for interplanetary movements.
This version, unlike the others, explains many of the lunar phenomena.
And unusually flat as a frying pan, the bottom of most of the many kilometers of craters.
(It seems that a relatively small "soft" outer shell is extremely durable scope.)
And the details of some gigantic structures on the surface and in the faults of the moon, and the wreckage of cyclopean mechanisms, and more.
For example, the ability to "repair" of the moon through a "stitching" the cracked surface.
Traces of this "cross-linking" is clearly visible, especially in the area of the craters and Bullialdus Lyubinitsky.

In the late 70's with the same seismograph computer analysis was made of metal of which was to consist shell surrounding the core of the moon.
By measuring the speed of sound in the substance, experts have come to the conclusion that it is composed of nickel, beryllium, tungsten, vanadium, and other elements.
And the iron contained relatively little.
This composition would be perfect shell that protects from mechanical holes, and also completely corrosion resistant.
And only this analysis shows that it is impossible that such a shell is formed by natural means!

Seismographs recorded as reoccurring every 30 minutes and lasts for one minute continuous RF signal coming from the inside of the moon from the depth of about 960 kilometers.
Maybe it's some kind of automatic device that feeds a thermal energy, one is programmed to send a signal to eternity?

Astronomers and emerging from time to time on the lunar surface of a trickle of gas, which immediately dissipates.
One hypothesis suggests that this effect is still in the power source of a hypothetical spacecraft, which we call the "Moon", deliberately damaged and deprived inhabitants during this "Star Wars" unimaginably distant past.

The lunar surface is very similar to the territory subjected to "carpet" bombing.
Statistically impossible to meteorites of the same size and weight stamped on the surface of the moon correctly spaced craters.
A lot of them on the moon …

Perhaps it was then, when the moon was not a satellite of the earth?

In the most ancient writings of Chinese astronomers, dated X-XI centuries BC, there are descriptions of the sky, but there is no mention of the presence of the moon in the sky.
Perhaps, then, it did not exist?
Very possible.
It turns out that on any old star chart (10-11 thousand years ago), the Moon is not checked.
Comparing this with the myth of the Flood (which in one form or another is present in all the religions of ancient civilizations), we can assume that it is the appearance of the moon on the earth's orbit led to these disasters.
By this hypothesis, lean many modern astrophysics, based on the results of his research and calculations.

Only later, after the appearance of the moon on the earth's horizon, many people have stories about the "people", "gods" and "existing", arrives on Earth with the New World.
There are drawings of the ancient Maya, the images of gods coming down from the moon.
There are myths about the arrival of the Caucasus "iron beings" from the moon.

Thus, it can be argued that the Moon came to us from outer space.
But whether it is usually in small satellite or something completely different?

In the 70 years of the last century, the famous Soviet astrophysicist Shklovsky of the USSR expressed the opinion that the moon may be dead, lifeless ship alien civilization, impenetrable space probe.
In 1968, the publishing house of the National Agency for the U.S. Space Administration (NASA) has been issued a catalog of lunar anomalies.
The catalog covers four centuries of observation!
There are 579 examples have not found an explanation so far: moving luminous objects, geometric shapes, endangered craters colored trench lengthening at a rate of six kilometers per hour, the appearance and disappearance of some "walls", a giant dome, which change their color Finally, observed November 26, 1956 a large luminous object, known as the "Maltese Cross", etc.

Even earlier, in 1940, on the near side of the Moon, the Sea of Tranquility and other parts of the world, observed points of light moving at a speed of 2 to 7 miles per second.

A famous Russian radio astronomer Alex Arkhipov expressed in the pages of the English magazine Elying Sauce Peview (N2, 1995) opinion that it could be the moon station "them" to observe the life on Earth.

Moon is more concerned about humanity.

U.S. lunar program — "Rangers", "Serveytory", "Orbiter", "Apollo" made more than 150,000 photographs of mysterious objects and structures of extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon.
NASA currently closed on this information.
Different scholars have studied and are studying the moon in their interests, but a unified picture-generalizations yet.
Various optical and motion effects on the Moon repeatedly recorded.

Maybe the moon has lived and worked several alien races?

The same hypothesis is responsible for such a "tricky" questions raised in one of the articles: "What prevented the advanced civilization, have obviously overcome the huge interstellar distances, to overcome even some 385 thousand miles and live on a paradise planet Earth?"

But "Paradise" Earth is for us.
And what a strange, maybe even life-threatening, the earth's atmosphere by aliens?
And why throw inhabited by generations of lunar "home" laboratories, factories …?

In conclusion, I would like to bring amazing words of Neil Armstrong.
Although he later give them up, but talks have heard a lot of American radio.
"What is it? What the hell is it? I would like to know the truth, what is it?"
"What's going on? Anything wrong?"
"There are great facilities, sir, Huge, oh, my God! There are other spaceships! They stand on the other side of the crater! Are on the Moon watching us!"

Our generation is making sure that in a short time can be destroyed immutable, it would seem, postulates, and gradually unlearn categorical judgments.
Although sometimes we continue presumptuous and arrogant ridicule that does not fit into our habitual terrestrial measurements.
But it is possible that some events may be beyond our limited consciousness.
Why should we, for example, to exclude the possibility that life can take the form of self-moving boulders, clouds or fog?
Why can not we assume the existence of intelligence in the form of clean energy?
Indeed, the theoretical limit of its forms is not!

In 1977, the UK published a book of some of Leonard J. with a sensational title:
"Our moon is someone else," and the subtitle:
"Discover the amazing facts of intelligent life on the moon."
Who is hiding under the pseudonym J. Leonard?
Thus a completely new phenomenon to our consciousness, according to J. Leonard is the moon.
And the analysis of lunar phenomena, he says, we need to change our way of thinking, of escaping the everyday perception.

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